Choosing the best flooring for your bathroom can occasionally be an uncertain task as there are just so many possible options. For some people, it goes beyond a practical solution and into something that can also complement the vibe of your bathroom. If you’re unlucky enough to not have fallen in love with a single option at first sight, then maybe our Chadstone-based plumber can help you find a suitable option.


1.     Square tiles

Probably the most classic option when it comes to bathroom flooring (especially in white), square tiles are timeless and will never go out of fashion. They look great and are easy to clean. The most popular colour is white, which is a staple bathroom colour, and whilst this colour is prone to dirtying easily – it’s more of an advantage than a disadvantage as it’ll be simpler for you to know where to clean.

In a way, it also pushes you to regularly keep the bathroom clean as any stains will stick out like a sore thumb. Of course, there are several other colours you can choose from (black being another popular option) to suit your bathroom’s aesthetic.


2.     Abstract terrazzo

Terrazzo flooring is endlessly customisable and very practical for a bathroom. Its unique and high level of versatility allows it to suit any bathroom regardless of what’s going on with the walls or hardware. Simply pick the matching or contrasting colours for the marble and aggregates and you’ll have your own distinctive bathroom floor that will be a breath of fresh air every time you enter.


3.     Extravagant patterns

If you’re looking for something more luxurious and exclusive, then our plumber in Chadstone suggests looking into some custom designers that will turn your bathroom flooring into a literal piece of art. This could be emblems, logos or even just a nice simple pattern. The type of tiles would vary depending on what you’d like done but there are all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes available to bring this option to life.


4.     Matte hexagons

Sleek, understated and forever classy – if you’re after a darker colour palette for your bathroom but don’t want the glossy shine of typical square tiles, why not consider a matte approach? Using hexagonal tiles is a clean and simple aesthetic that complements the matte finish exquisitely. Matte tiles also don’t stain as much as glossy tiles will – and when they do it’s not as obvious – which makes them more durable in a way. They also have great grip so there’s no need to riddle slip-resistant mats all over the floor.


5.     Slate tiles

Because slate tiles are made from natural stone, their physical appearance varies from tile-to-tile which gives a great natural, rustic aesthetic. These look fantastic in bathrooms – but you need to ensure the tiles are properly treated as not all slate tile solutions are suited for water exposure. Slate tiles don’t need to be cleanedvery often, but when they do it’s important to take care as it can be a bit of a process. Vacuuming (using the appropriate attachments as not to cause any damage) followed by mopping with a damp mop and thoroughly drying afterwards is a good method to follow. As it is a bathroom your tiles are likely to get wet daily so try to wipe up the water with a towel when you can and not leave much lingering around.


6.     Pebbles

Pebble tiling sounds like something a high-end hotel would have in their bathrooms – but there’s no reason why you can’t have it in yours. Different sizes and colours make pebble tiles fairly versatile and customisable. Because this won’t be a completely smooth/level flooring solution, it means that more dirt will get caught in the recesses between the pebbles. When you clean pebble tiling you have to be careful not to damage the pebbles themselves – a deep steam clean is ideal for a comprehensive clean. To make cleaning easier and to improve overall durability of the tiling we also recommend using a sealant.


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