Sometimes you need more than just a bathroom – and that’s something that every good plumber in Kew understands. The bathroom is one of the most sought-after rooms in a home as it’s where most people can get some privacy and relaxation – especially if they have a big family. For this reason, your bathroom must give off the relaxing vibe that you need it to – and that’s exactly what we’re going to be exploring in today’s blog.


Finding the perfect layout

If it’s an option, try not to cramp too many things into the bathroom space as that can have a negative effect and make you feel quite cramped yourself. You must plan out your bathroom so you maximise on open spaces – whilst still keeping functionality in mind (as that should always remain at the front of your plans). A more open concept will help you to feel relaxed when you need to prepare yourself for the day ahead or even unwind after a long one that’s just passed.

Whilst it’s quite common for bathtubs, for example, to be placed against a wall – you might want to consider placing it in the centre of the room. This could be either a freestanding tub or if you’d like something a bit more grandiose, then you can build one into the floor with small steps surrounding it.


Transcending the walls

Believe it or not, the wall plays a large part in helping you to relax. You’ll want something calming – whether it’s a solid colour, a pattern or even wallpaper. Wallpaper featuring a favourite natural landscape or design is a great way to help you escape. Or, if you’d prefer something a bit more lowkey, then a cool, solid, pastel colour works wonders. If you’re after a more extravagant option, then creating a feature wall with a favourite piece of artwork would go a long way.


Selecting the flooring

White tiles are generally favoured in bathrooms – and you can’t really fault them as they’ve bright, easy to clean and durable. You can try some different coloured or even patterned tiles though – perhaps even something that matches/contrasts with your wall. A nice towel or matt that can simultaneously absorb water and complement the room would be a fine and practical addition as well. When it comes to trying to calm your mind, our Kew-based plumber would generally recommend sticking to lighter colours.


Decorating the room

Greenery is an absolute must as the plants will produce fresh oxygen as well as bring a bit of nature into the room – which a lot of people tend to find calming. These can be floor standing or small plants that sit upon shelves/benches. As we mentioned earlier, a nice piece of art or even a large, framed photograph that you or someone else has taken will look excellent on any wall – especially if it’s in view whilst you bathe or shower.

The mirror is another element that plays quite an important part when it comes to achieving unity in your bathroom. Because the bathroom is where you prepare yourself for the day to come, you’re going to want to feel relaxed and confident – so you’re going to need a mirror that evokes those feelings within you. A large, circular mirror is quite lovely and very aesthetically pleasing, however, it can sometimes fail when it comes to practicality.

The best option for a mirror would be one that spans all or most of your wall above the sink so you can get a comprehensive view. If you have the room, then you can also opt for a second, full-length mirror if you need to see your whole self from head to toe. Bordering options are also plentiful which can really help you dress up the mirror to complement the rest of your bathroom design.


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