Choosing what colour will cover your bathroom is a big decision. It may seem simple to some, but the right colour can go a long way in setting the tone of the room and even impacting the rest of the house. As any Wantirna plumber knows, however, it’s also about the surface of the wall as different colours affect various surfaces in different ways. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a peek at some different colours that suit bathrooms and what contrasts best.


Light tones

We all know that white tiles are a pretty iconic bathroom design. White is a bright and striking colour and often associated with light and happy feelings. It is also extremely susceptible to dirt – making it a lot easier to clean. This is especially the case if they’re tiles as that particular surface is very simple to clean.

Unfortunately, a white bathroom also means the dirt and grime is easily visible to others – so if you’re not on top of the cleaning it could start to look a bit nasty. White is not the only lighter shade that works well in a bathroom though. Light greys and even blues work a charm and evoke a calming response.

These cooler tones work a treat at expanding the room and improving the general atmosphere. Light, pale blues are perfect for plain walls and are often associated with airiness. You can then complement these with white tiles on the floor.


Dark tones

The opposite of light is dark. Darker tones are often associated with sadder emotions but that’s not necessarily always the case. They can also be comforting and cosy. For example, a bathroom with black walls will make the space feel a bit smaller and cosier. Black tiles also look fabulous as the finishing will give off a shiny glaze.

Another popular darker tone is green. The beautiful thing about dark green is that when coupled with some plants and a water feature, it can really make you feel like you’re in a private outdoor bathroom. Because green is not as dark as black is, it will still feel a bit more open whilst still maintaining that cosy impression.

Combining black walls and floors with natural wood finishes is also a fantastic option as it does give a gorgeous and moody contrast. Darker, stained wood can be integrated into the dark bathroom seamlessly – whether it’s above the shower’s drain or little sections of the wall. For a more classic and chicer look, consider blending black and white tiles to create a checkers type of design – or something similar.


Extravagant colours

IF you’re feeling a bit more whimsical then you can opt for bright colours that you wouldn’t usually find in a home. Bright reds, magentas and yellows, for example, can be great fun and definitely add character to the room. If you go down this route, then it would be best to just have a standard plaster or solid wall that’s been painted. That being said, if you can get some tiles that are any of those colours that could look quite interesting and spectacular as well.


Matching colours with your hardware

Contrasting is everything when it comes to matching your hardware and appliances with the colour of your bathroom. A lot of people like black, PVC appliances, for example – whereas as others find it to be quite tacky. If you’re going with a lighter tone like white or pale blue, gold and silver hardware can both work – as well as just white toilet’s and basins.

For darker tones, especially straight-up black bathrooms, silver hardware contrasts a little better than gold. White appliances will stand out in the best way possible. As we said, the key is to contrast, so try to avoid multiple dark things like black borders on mirrors.


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