The world is seeing an influx of smart technology. From simple automations such as lights activating when you arrive home to your car GPS plotting a route home when you leave your office – there’s no doubt that such enhancements streamline daily routines and work to improve life in general. But smart technology doesn’t stop there. Smart bathrooms are becoming more popular, and if you’re not sure what that entails, then join our Rowville-based plumbers for this definitive guide to three popular smart bathroom elements.


1. Smart toilets

When people say “smart bathroom” a smart toilet will probably come to mind. One of the more significant bathroom upgrades, a smart toilet can vary in capabilities with different styles offering an array of different features ranging from heated seats to automatic flushing. One of the more notable features of a smart toilet is bidet integration.

Smart toilets that feature bidet functionality may also offer comforting and massaging water patterns as well as drying capabilities. Additionally, most smart toilets will come with remotes and connect to your smart device so you can control all the capabilities at your convenience. Other features you may find on a smart toilet include:

  • Built-in sensors for leak detection;
  • Overflow prevention countermeasures;
  • A foot warmer;
  • A self-lowering/raising lid;
  • Built-in speakers for soothing sounds;
  • Smart assistant integration (so you can receive updates such as news and weather);
  • LED lighting;
  • Self-cleaning capabilities; and
  • A self-deodoriser.


2. Smart showers

There are a couple of types of showers that lead up to a smart shower – thermostatic and digital showers. Thermostatic showers function as normal showers but use a thermostatic mixing valve to premix the water – keeping it at a constant, pre-set temperature. A digital shower takes the thermostatic mixing valve and steps it up to include on/off buttons on a digital screen instead of a traditional knob or lever. You may also program routines.

You could argue that a digital shower can be considered a smart shower, however, the ultimate level is integrating your digital shower with your smart devices. This will allow you to fine-tune your shower experience with features such as flow rate and temperature – all controllable from your smart device or via your voice with a compatible smart assistant (such as an Amazon Echo or Google Nest).

Other smart features which people may find useful include tracking your shower usage and water-saving options (reduced flow rate and timed showers). These act as incentives to cut down on your shower time – thus saving you on your water bill and reducing water usage in general.


3. Smart taps

One of the most useful features of a smart tap is its non-touch sensor activation capabilities – allowing you to turn the tap on and off without physically touching it. Like smart showers, they will also allow you to set and pre-set flow rates and temperatures for individual users. Some of the more extravagant features include:

  • LED lighting that can indicate the temperature;
  • Digital touchscreens that can display notifications from your smart device (emails, reminders, calendar events etc.);
  • Facial recognition and individual water profiles;
  • Water-saving features; and
  • Voice activation.


Complete smart-home integration

Now that we’ve established some of the primary smart features of a bathroom, let’s talk about how our plumbers recommend combining them to simplify your daily routine. Programming a simple workday, for example, may involve the toilet seat raising at a certain time shortly after your alarm goes off. Sensor-activated taps will allow you to wash your hands effortlessly and with ease.

Between a certain time, you could even ensure that your shower activates right after you turn off the tap so all you have to do is step into the shower that is already set at the perfect temperature. If it’s a warmer day than usual and you feel like a cooler shower, then simply ask for the temperature to drop and feel the difference almost instantly.

If you’ve just come home from a run or the gym, you can ask your smart device to prepare the shower for you (and even have a post-workout pre-set in place) as you walk through your home so it’s ready for you when you reach the bathroom.


Are you looking for a plumber in Rowville?

The luxury of a smart bathroom isn’t cheap and will require extra installation work and maintenance (when necessary) than usual in some cases. But, if you’re looking for a truly luxurious and automated hygienic experience, then a smart bathroom may be something you’ll want to invest in. At JPG Plumbing, we’ve had experience installing smart bathroom features in Rowville and across Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs and can help you get your smart bathroom up and running in no time so you too can enjoy the conveniences.

If you’d like to find out more about our services, then please feel free to contact one of our Rowville-based plumbers via the enquiry page on our site or by calling 0400 978 442.