Buying a new tap or faucet for your bathroom, kitchen or even laundry can be a serious task for some. Generally speaking, our plumbers in Parkville have observed that the taps in a bathroom or kitchen are given more consideration during the choosing process compared to those in a laundry – so, we’re going to be concentrating predominantly on those two rooms in this guide to buying a new tap.

Why would you need a new tap?

There are various reasons as to why you would need to purchase a new tap. The tap may visually be in bad shape and in need of a switch (maybe it’s been tarnished or damaged) or may not be working properly. You might also be planning to renovate in which it’s the perfect time to change up your hardware. Whatever the reason – the following considerations should be made before purchasing a new tap.


We’ll get the shallow element out of the way first. You have to actually like the design as it’s going to be in your home for assumably a long time. Think about its individual style as well as how it will fit in with the rest of your room’s hardware. For example, if you have brass knobs and handles on your cupboards/drawers, then opting for a brass tap is probably the smart thing to do. 

That is, unless, you’re looking for a stark contrast and for the new tap to be the centre of attention. The visual aesthetics of a tap is such a personal thing so it’s really up to you what you prefer and believe works well.

Water rating

Now onto the crucial parts – the water rating. All pieces of hardware which water flows through (such as showerheads and taps) will have a water efficiency rating – which is similar to an energy efficiency rating. Under the Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme, each of these products will have a rating out of six stars – the more stars, the better the efficiency – and will be accompanied by the number of litres they dispense per minute.

This is something you should keep an eye out as more efficient taps will minimise your water bill. They’ll also actively mitigate the amount of water that your household wastes which has a direct, positive impact on the environment. Generally speaking, a four-star water rating is considered good and will dispense 6.5 litres per minute.

Tap types

There are two types of taps you’ll come across when shopping – mixer taps and separate hot and cold taps. Other than personal preference, a large aspect that will help you decide between the two is how your plumbing is set up.

Mixer taps

As the name suggests, mixer taps blend hot and cold water. Mixer taps are easily identifiable due to their single-lever mechanism which allows the user to pivot the leaver from one side to the other – letting your desired amount of hot and cold water in. Mixer taps are typically installed coming out of the sink which means the plumbing will be set up below the basin (and can typically be accessed via the cupboards below). These taps are also a lot easier to use and can be activated with the back of your hand if your hands are dirty.

Separate hot and cold taps

Separate hot and cold taps feature two separate controls – one for the cold and one for the hot water. They can be turned together to find the right temperature. Each knob is connected to its own spout which delivers its type of water. These types of taps can be installed either on top of a sink or mounted on the wall.

Ensure your plumbing is in order

The most important part about buying a new tap is ensuring that the tap is compatible with your existing plumbing. In some cases, like if you have a wall-mounted tap against some tiles, they may need to be removed to get to the pipes, for example. Contact your local Parkville plumber if you’re looking to purchase a new tap.

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