Your energy bills can fluctuate for reasons you might not notice and can sometimes come as a shock when you realise how much of your monthly budget they take up. In Victoria, the average annual energy bill is just over $1,000 with hot water alone accounting for 16% of that. If you want to bring your overall energy costs down, looking into your hot water usage is a good place to start. Before you take drastic measures to cut off your hot water entirely, it’s important to note that many factors can affect your hot water usage, so our Melbourne plumbers thought they’d detail some of the key aspects to consider when reducing your hot water usage, and the subsequent bills.

Water heater type

It is crucial to remember that on top of initial installation expenses, the type of water heater you choose could impact your monthly bills. Every hot water system is different; instantaneous systems, for example, are far more efficient than storage systems as they don’t have to spend energy maintaining a temperature whilst idle. Generally, the more time and energy that is required to heat and store your hot water, the lower its efficiency is, meaning you can expect higher bills.

Picking the right water heater can sometimes be a confusing task. Ultimately, the best hot water system is one that fits your household and is well-suited to your area’s climate. In most cases, consulting a professional plumber in Melbourne is key before making such a decision.

Climate and temperature

It is without a doubt that you will observe a spike in your hot water bills during the colder months in Melbourne. As temperatures outside fall to shivering numbers, temperatures inside begin to crank up, especially when you take a shower.

A higher temperature requires more energy to reach and maintain — in other words, the hotter the shower, the more expensive it will be. Higher temperatures also run the risk of wearing your hot water systems out prematurely, resulting in the need for more repairs and higher energy consumptions as your hot water system tries to cope with maintaining your ideal shower temperature. A quick and simple solution to avoid increased costs from this is by turning down the temperature when you take a shower.

Servicing and replacement of hot water systems

Regularly servicing and properly maintaining your hot water systems brings more benefits to your wallet than you can imagine. Having it inspected for parts in need of replacement, rust, and mineral build-up can improve your hot water system’s safety, efficiency, and longevity. It is also important to remember that even if properly maintained, an outdated hot water system can lead to energy efficiency declining, the longer they go without being replaced.

As such, having your hot water system regularly serviced, maintained, and audited for water usage and efficiency by qualified plumbers in Melbourne should become a regular event on your calendar. At JPG Plumbing, we are certified to install and repair all the leading hot water system brands and are confident that our authorised service representative can advise you on the best solutions available for your circumstances.

Water leaks

Water leaks are not always visible or apparent, but a few good indicators can be an increased water bill, evidence of mould or moisture, and the sound of dripping water. Like other piping systems, leaks can happen with your hot water system too. If you suspect or are experiencing leaks in your hot water system, it is better to have it detected and checked by emergency plumbers in Melbourne to avoid hefty bills coming your way.

At JPG Plumbing, our plumbers receive regular training in the most up-to-date leak detection and hot water repair technologies. This allows them to implement the most efficient solutions at very affordable rates. Hot water system repairs should always be left to the professionals; our team of professional and qualified plumbers can provide service and repairs for your hot water system — even if it has long been out of production.

Household size and shower time

The more people you have taking showers means more hot water is being used in your house, resulting in a higher energy bill. While household size is not something you can easily control, an obvious would be to take shorter showers. It might sound straightforward, but it is often one that a lot of households in Melbourne seemingly overlook or fail to consider. While a minute or two saved can seem small, the overall difference accumulates over time and can save you a considerable amount of money. Try timing your showers, establish how long you usually take and set a goal to work towards to limit your time and mitigate your energy bill.

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