Is your dripping tap driving you mad? Aside from the irritatingly persistent drip drip drip at 2 in the morning, one dripping tap can actually waste up to 2,000 litres of water a month. According to experts, there are three factors that transform an ordinary occurrence into something incredibly annoying.

It’s Unpleasant

There are some things that are universally annoying, such as fingers on a chalkboard. While there’s still no hard evidence as to why we all clutch our ears at this sound, it appears to be linked to the particular mix of frequencies. Most people’s ears don’t enjoy the stimulus around the rapid change in volume.

It’s Unpredictable

Another thing that many people may find annoying is strangers talking on the phone in public spaces, such as public transport. Our brains tend to go into prediction mode, where we try to guess what’s going to be said next. But because it’s basically impossible to predict the next sequence of words, given that we’re only hearing half the conversation, this can become incredibly annoying very quickly.

You Don’t Know When It’s Going To End

Finally, a dripping tap drives us up the wall because of we’re uncertain about its duration. It’s easy enough to bear a sound that you know will end in five minutes, but because you may not know how long it will last for, or even the “beat” at which it will drip, a dripping tap can be a cause for madness.

A dripping tap is a small element of nightmarish chaos, but there are several things you can do about it. Our advice: get a plumber!

Most dripping taps are caused by a worn out washer, and as with most water appliances in the home, only licensed plumbers are legally allowed to adjust these fittings and fixtures. By getting a plumber, you also ensure that you don’t cause further damage through a potentially misguided DIY attitude. If your washer does need replacing, your local plumber can easily fix it, and this is often fairly inexpensive.

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