If you’re horrified at brown-tinted water flowing from your tap, you’re definitely not alone. The good news is that if it’s caused by rust, this water doesn’t pose a threat to your health. The health of your pipes may not be in such good working order though. In this week’s blog, we’re going to run through how to deal with rust sediment in your pipes.

The cause of the issue

Rust-filled water is often the result of issues with plumbing, or that sediment has entered your pipes somehow, and ended up in the tap. The simple truth is that iron pipes rust through time and use, and given that the rust has nowhere to go, it oftens ends up caught in the stream of water. Lucky for us, rust usually forms a sediment so that it simply settles on the bottom of the pipe without moving too much. So if rust is showing up in the water leaving your taps, that means that either the rust sediment has been disturbed (through repairs to pipes or changes in water pressure), or that there is an overabundance of it within your pipes.

Fix 1: Flush out the rust

Before you do any flushing, make sure that you locate the source of the rust first. Do the simple outside tap check: run water from an outdoor tap for two minutes, and then fill up a clean cup to see if there’s any rust present. If the water’s the clear, it means the problem is with the plumbing inside the house. If there’s signs of rust, that means it’s most likely coming from the main supply.

Once you’ve established the source, it’s time to get flushing. Run three to four cold water taps throughout your house to full blast for about 20 minutes. This should be long enough to clear out any rust sediment.

Fix 2: Replace the pipes

If you’re faced with a worryingly large amount of rust in your pipes, it may be a sign that you should get them replaced. In some severe cases, this may be the only fix that works. It’s a nuisance, but this kind of project is a large scale job that will require a plumbing professional.

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