Whether you’re environmentally conscious, looking to save a dime on your water bill, or both, reusing or saving water around your house can only be a good thing. Cutting back on water use is an amazing way to conserve water and help the planet. Luckily, many of the measures you can put in place to save water are easy and require little time. In this week’s article, we’ve put together three tips so that you can cut back on water use.

Get a shower bucket

For some of us, the shower is a place of introspection, of getting lost in our own thoughts. But this can mean that we may dawdle a little, wasting extra water. The next time you turn on the shower, think about reducing how much water is going down the drain while it’s heating up. Place a bucket in your shower to catch the water as it falls from the showerhead, and then get in for your nice, hot shower.

Install a rainwater tank

Those of us who live in rural areas are probably already making use of rainwater, but for urban dwellers, there’s never been a better time to start including this resource as part of your personal water supply. During water restrictions, rainwater can be used in the place of tap water for watering the garden, and can be used in the washing machine and for toilet water if the tank is plugged into your house.

Build a rainwater garden

Rainwater gardens are nourished by the natural runoff of water from the land. Built to reuse water that may have otherwise gone down the sewage systems, a rainwater garden can be an amazing addition to any household. This also means that you’ll be giving your local city’s sewage system a bit of a break.

When it comes to being environmentally conscious, it’s all about being creative and coming up with manageable changes. JPG Plumbing offer many residential services, and can act as your port of call for installing your rainwater tank. Get in touch via 0400 978 442 today.