Everyone loves taking showers. Picking a showerhead can be a simple job to some and an important one to others. There are various types of showerheads you can purchase, each with their own unique abilities and design quirks. It’s important to pick one that’s going to give you what you want. In today’s blog, our South Yarra plumber will be having a look at the different types of showerheads that you can purchase as well as what some of their environmental impacts are.

The wall mounted head

This is a very common type of showerhead and is tried and true. It can come with a variety of different features including different spray patterns that can be controlled via a control ring on the outside of the head. For example, some of these showerheads can be changed to just have water come out of an inner circle of holes or all of the holes at once. These vary from product to product and some will just be plain old showerheads with no special settings.

Wall mounted showerheads are easy to install and generally not that expensive. Once installed they’re easily adjustable. Water efficient options are available which will restrict the flow of water greatly to use less water. This is much better for the environment but will not have very good pressure.


Fixed ceiling heads

These feel fantastic because they’re attached to the ceiling so rather than coming at you from an angle like wall mounted ones, these showerheads just release water straight down on to you. The pressure varies from product to product but generally, these heads are quite large and contain many small holes, covering a sufficient area in your shower, but sometimes not matching the pressure of other types of heads.

Something to consider when purchasing a fixed ceiling showerhead is that because of their size you’ll want to make sure your shower has the dimensions to accommodate. You’ll also need some plumbing done by a South Yarra plumber. So, it’s important to either have the plumbing done initially if you’re renovating or building a new house, or plan ahead with your South Yarra plumber to factor everything in. Price is something else to factor in as they’re much more expensive than wall mounted heads and are not adjustable. They do make-up for this by covering a large area, however.


Handheld showerheads

These types of showerheads offer great mobility as you can cover your entire body without moving around the shower trying to find the correct angle. Handheld showerheads also come with holsters so you can attach them above you, and they can act as a wall mount showerhead when you prefer that. If you’d prefer to use it in your hand, then it can help reach those hard to clean places. A benefit of this is they’re great for seated showers and people who have trouble showering on their own.

These can also be paired with sliding rails so you can adjust the height of the showerhead when it is fixed. There is also no extra plumbing needed to install these as they can just be installed into a wall socket that you’d use for a standard wall-mounted showerhead. Additionally, you can install a system that lets you take advantage of a fixed showerhead and a handheld one. You’d switch between the two by adjusting a third tap – or similar switching system.


Low flow showerheads

These are not a particular product as more of a general standard that is being rolled out amongst all types of showerheads. The amount of water that we use during showers has an adverse effect on the environment and our water supplies. This is why low flow showerheads are becoming a common thing. These restrict the flow of water, decreasing the pressure drastically, but saving a lot of water as well in the process. 2.5 gallons per minute is currently considered the standard for what showerheads produce at 80 psi, whereas that used to be 5 – 8 gallons per minute at 80 psi.


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