In the last blog, we spoke about the different types of toilets that you can purchase and their pros and cons. Well, this week, our Doncaster plumber experts are going to be taking you through the different types of flushing systems your toilet can have. This is something that people generally don’t know much about or take into account when buying a toilet. There are some things you’ll want to consider when selecting the right flushing system:


  • Is all the waste being flushed with a single flush?
  • Are the jets cleansing the toilet bowl effectively?
  • Does the water regenerate in the bowl in a quick manner?


Here are the 4 types of flushing systems that you can have in your toilet today.

1.    Gravity Flush

This is probably the most common flushing system, it has few flaws and requires very little maintenance. As the name suggests, gravity pushes water down from the tank into the bowl which flushes and cleans all waste in the bowl. This method is also a little quieter than others due to its lack of mechanical components. This is the oldest flushing system and has been slowly improved over the years, with some gravity flush systems even having elevated cisterns so the water has longer to travel, building up the pressure and increasing efficiency and effectiveness.

The lack of mechanical parts and simplistic system means the gravity flush system can be repaired at home without calling a plumber. It is recommended, however, that you clean the toilet once a week. It won’t matter if you miss a week, but it is important to use products like drop-in tablets – which can clean the bowl autonomously for weeks – to keep the toilet in good working order. Your friendly plumbers in Doncaster would be happy to assist you with any further queries you might have on the gravity flush system.


2.    Pressure-assisted

With a similar method to the gravity flush function, pressure assisted flushing uses pressurised air to force the water down the tank to clean out the bowl. With the addition of the pressurised air, comes the extra noise, but also much extra power. Because of the pressurised air, this method does involve more mechanical parts which means a slightly higher chance of maintenance is required, but even so, the pressure assisted system requires very little maintenance and many of the older problems have been ironed out with each new iteration.

If you’re tossing up between gravity flush and pressure assisted, the low level of noise and easy repair would be the big reasons to go for the gravity flush realistically. The pressure assisted system’s components require a plumber with professional knowledge and expertise, so if your pressure assisted toilet system is having any issues, it’s best to get in touch with your local Doncaster plumbing specialist.


3.    Dual-flush

The dual-flush system is one that a lot of people will recognise. It gives the user the option to do a full-flush or a half-flush depending on the amount of waste. Half-flush – which uses up to 1.1 gallons of water – for liquid waste and full-flush – using a more liberal 1.6 gallons – for solid waste. This system is also eco-friendly and economic as it uses less water with the half-flush, saving you more on your water bill. The dual-flush system is beginning to become the more popular choice for toilet owners in Melbourne and around the world.


4.    Double-cyclone

The double-cyclone is a bit of new technology from a company called Toto, who build toilets. There two nozzles on each side of the bowl instead of rim holes, which push the water towards the siphon more so than the other systems, creating a more efficient flush. This system also only uses 1.28 gallons per flush, which is quite impressive seeing as it has the same intensity as a full-flush from a dual-flush system. The only downfall to this system is that it is exclusively for Toto toilets.

With the exception of the double-cyclone system, the other three are compatible with any type of toilet build, which means – in most cases – you’ll be able to combine a toilet you think looks nice and a flushing system you thin will work best for you.


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