A couple of months ago we laid out seven of the more common plumbing issues are in a commercial environment. Today, however, we’re going to be bringing it back to basics and a little closer to home. Residential plumbing issues are the types that affect all of us, and whilst some of them are easy to fix yourself, some that require the touch of a more trained hand. In this blog, our Melbourne plumbers will be ticking off the top seven most common residential plumbing issues.

1.   Dripping tap

This is easily one of the most common plumbing issues that you’ll face at home. A dripping tap is an issue that could need a simple fix or may require a more complex solution. What causes this? Various things from deteriorated plumbing and worn out seals to incorrectly sized washers. Washers can also split if the tap is turned off too tightly.

Anywhere between 30 and 200 litres of water can be wasted per day from a dripping tap. Not only is this an unnecessary waste of water, but it will also stack up on your water bill over time. In some situations, it may also be annoying to hear in a quiet house at night.


2.   Blocked and slow draining sink

It doesn’t take much for drains to get blocked. In the bathroom, hair often makes its way down the sink and can build up, eventually blocking it. Even in the kitchen, bits of food and fat can amalgamate, leading to the same outcome. Water will end up sitting in the basin and could take hours to drain – depending on how bad the blockage is – if at all.

This is a problem that should be addressed immediately as the longer it is left, the worse it can become. This could lead to more serious plumbing issues down the track and also be a personal hindrance to your day-to-day activities. If you’re not sure about what can and can’t be flushed down the sink, you can refer to our past blog as a guide.


3.   Clogged shower and bath drains

Similarly to sinks, the drains in baths and showers are often clogged as well. The combination of hair, soap and other dirt and grime that is washed off the body can come together to block drains.


4.   Clogged toilet

This is the plumbing issue that we don’t really want to think about, but it does happen. Clogged toilets are commonly due to toilet paper and human waste, but can also be caused by other items being flushed down the toilet that aren’t supposed to be – such as menstrual products and cotton products like Q-tips.


5.   Running toilet

A running toilet can be a waste of freshwater. Up to 200 gallons of water per day can be wasted if your toilet is running. The most common reason for this is a faulty flapper – which is the component that allows freshwater to replace the used water in your toilet bowl when it opens. This can spell serious trouble for your toilet as it will be constantly refilling with fresh water even if it is being unused – which can lead to a much higher water bill.


6.   Faulty water heater

No one wants to have cold showers on a daily basis – and that would be exactly the case if it weren’t for water heaters. There are a few different issues that can lead to a malfunctioning water heater. The pilot light could have gone out – in which case it’s a simple matter of relighting it – or there could be a sediment build-up. Sediment could build up in your water heater when water minerals separate during the heating process. This can make it harder for the heater to do its job, thus resulting in less hot water.


7.   Leaky pipes

Leaky pipes can cause dampness in your walls or floors – which can attract vermin and other unwelcome guests. But it can also lead to more serious issues if left unchecked, such as burst pipes. This can be an especially prevalent issue during the wintertime.

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