The days are starting to get noticeably hotter as summer is now in full swing and with Christmas just over a week away, we thought we’d take a look at some fantastic water features you can install in your yard. Every good plumber in Vermont knows that a solid water feature will add to the overall ambience of your yard. If you’ve dressed up your front yard in Christmas decorations, then a chic water feature could be the missing link you’ve been searching for to complete the look.

1.    The water fountain

This is a very classic water feature that is tried and true. We’ve put this at the top of our list because water fountains can actually come in a variety of different shapes and sizes – making them highly versatile products. Your very typical looking fountain will have water coming out of the top spire and a circular base where water is pooled.

Depending on how extravagant you want to go, they can be quite simple or difficult to install. A modern type of fountain to consider is a wall type, where the water comes out of different points in a wall-fixed fountain. These are a bit different but still look great in their own way.


2.    Swimming pool

More suited to your backyard than your front – a swimming pool is perfect for summer. Though, it’s worth mentioning that it will probably take longer than a week to install a pool. Like with the water fountains, swimming pools can come in all sorts of designs and sizes. They’re highly versatile and can be made to match any backyard. Even small spas will work wonders for your summertime activities as well as add value to your property.


3.    Ponds

Whether it’s a raised or in-ground one, ponds are excellent in both your front and backyard as they can promote a very calming atmosphere. You can fit it out with some lily pads and even add some fish. There are a lot of Japanese-style ponds that you can take inspiration from if you want something a bit different.

These types of ponds will also encourage a sense of caring and responsibility as they may need to be maintained routinely. You can also look at expanding them and creating little garden communities within the pond with miniature plants. It can really become an impressive addition to your yard if you’re dedicated enough.


4.    Spillways

Almost a hybrid between ponds and fountains, spillways are little bodies of water that are constantly being added to by a stream from above. These can actually be combined with ponds as well if you so wish. Add LED lighting and an even more gorgeous effect is shown in the evenings.


5.    Artificial pieces of nature

Things like artificial rock formations can be purchased and placed in your yard and coupled with water effects for a stunning waterfall effect. The setting established by such a product will be serene and blissful. Just imagine sitting outside on a nice warm day and listening to the running water whilst reading a book or relaxing.


6.    Outdoor shower

This one is still technically a feature as you’d typically have your shower inside. This is also the feature where a plumber in Vermont is most required as there’ll be a fair bit of plumbing involved to get an outdoor shower up and running. For starters, you’re going to want to place it somewhere that’s private.

Depending on the style of your house, you may consider a bathroom that is partly outdoor to begin with if you’re renovating or building. The style of the shower should suit the rest of your outdoor décor – or you can opt to make it up like a holiday destination as some people like they’re always on holiday. Outdoor showers go great with pools as it lets you rinse off the chlorine without even having to go inside first.


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