If you’re going away these summer holidays, it’s a good idea to thoroughly check your plumbing for leaks and potential problems before locking up your home. Seemingly small plumbing issues can lead to extensive damage if they’re not tended to straight away, which is why it’s so important to inspect your plumbing before going on holiday. Here are some tips to avoid plumbing emergencies this holiday season.

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Check your washing machine hoses

One of the most common sources of household plumbing leaks is a damaged or faulty washing machine hose. Make sure your washing machine hoses are attached securely and are in good condition (check for cracks and evidence of calcium deposit build up) before heading away.

Inspect your water heater

Water heaters are another common cause of household leaks, so be sure to inspect your water heater and surrounding areas prior to your holiday. Look for things like excess water around your water heater, rust and corrosion, and if any of these are present, get them tended to by a professional plumber before locking up your home for the holidays. If you’re satisfied that your water heater is working normally, turn it off before your holiday to save on power bills.

Turn off water supply

By shutting off the valves to your toilet and outside plumbing, you can reduce the level of water damage done should your plumbing fail while you are away. To save on bills, consider turning your water off at the mains.

Schedule plumbing maintenance before leaving

To prevent unpleasant odours from developing in your pipes while not in use, flush them with some plumbing maintenance product to keep them semi-wet. If you want to be extra diligent, it’s a good idea to arrange some scheduled plumbing maintenance with your local plumber to make sure everything is in tip-top condition before leaving on vacation.

These easy plumbing maintenance tips will help prevent against plumbing emergencies, allowing you to enjoy a stress-free holiday. JPG Plumbing are your local plumber in Melbourne, and can take care of all your plumbing maintenance, repairs and plumbing emergencies.