At JPG Plumbing, we have years of experience servicing the plumbing of homes across Melbourne’s south and eastern suburbs. From Cheltenham plumbers to Chadstone, Balwyn, Kew, and everything in-between, we have experience with a whole variety of plumbing problems and solutions. Are you interested in working in the plumbing industry? Considering becoming a Cheltenham plumber? Or a Balwyn plumber? Do you like fixing things, helping people out in a practical way, and getting your hands dirty? Maybe becoming a plumber is the right decision for you.

In Melbourne and Victoria, there is always a consistent demand for qualified tradespeople to service our growing population. People always need a good plumber that is dedicated, trustworthy and completes work to a high standard.

What is the role of a plumber?

A plumber is a tradesperson that services the plumbing system of buildings and cities. Plumbing is the system of pipes, tanks, and valves that store and transport gas and liquids to buildings. This is for purposes such as sewerage, temperature control, cleaning, or drinking. It is important that plumbing is a regulated industry, assuring quality standards are upheld for buildings and neighbourhoods across Victoria.

Plumbing can refer to servicing the pipes or drainage or your individual home. However, there is an entire network of pipes that connect sewerage systems together, drinking water together, and storm/ drain water together across Melbourne. This ensures our drinking water is safe and suitable to drink, and sewerage is treated and disposed of correctly.

Plumber Services

While many plumbers such as JPG Plumbing provide a variety of general plumbing services, some plumbers choose to specialise in sectors. Maybe they target a specific building type such as residential plumbing, or they only focus on installation rather than repair. There is a huge variety of industries and scenarios that need servicing, whether you need a Balwyn plumber for your multi-story residential building or a Cheltenham plumber for your commercial retail store. We can’t speak for all plumbers, but an example of some of the plumbing roles we do at JPG include:

  • Cleaning and repairing broken or blocked drains.
  • Detecting water leaks and auditing water usage.
  • Installing or repairing hot water systems
  • Kitchen and bathroom repairs such as tap or toilets.
  • Water, gas and fire main installations
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • General maintenance.

If you are thinking about becoming a plumber, these are some of the plumbing roles you can expect to be undertaking throughout your career.

How to become qualified as a plumber?

The government regulator for plumbers within the state of Victoria is the Victorian building Authority, you will be registered and licensed with the VBA after completing all your plumbing training.

An optional step involves a Certificate II ‘Pre-apprenticeship’ course at a TAFE. This 4-month course aims to provide baseline skills and knowledge that will be required in the field. Combining theory and practical applications. Certificate II is not required to get an apprenticeship; however, it is preferred by some employers and will improve chances of being taken on as an apprentice.

Plumbing Apprenticeships

The apprenticeship is 4 years and involves employment as a plumber trainee for work on-site, where you will be supervised by a VBA licensed professional. This arrangement operates in a similar fashion to most job employment; you will apply for the role, complete an interview, have dedicated work hours, and get paid. Over the 4 years, you will complete the certificate III in plumbing as part of the apprenticeship. This is usually taught over 27 weeks across your first 3 apprentice years.

The Certificate is recognised nationally and you are qualified for work as not just a plumber in Chadstone or Kew, but interstate as well. During your apprenticeship, you will experience the job site and responsibilities of a fully qualified tradesperson and gain experience across a variety of scenarios. There are always plumbing businesses looking for new apprentices to bring on and you can get one organised through an Apprenticeship Network Provider.

After completing your 4-year apprenticeship, you can apply for registration by the VBA. This allows you to work without the supervision of a licensed professional. Now you are officially a plumber! Further qualifications can be completed such as the Certificate IV for plumbers to obtain their VBA license and allow them to work in specialised roles and train apprentices.

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