The kitchen is a haven for many, and sometimes simple refreshes just won’t cut it. Renovations can be a very personal thing, but, if you are considering a full kitchen renovation, then our plumbers in Collingwood have a list of seven features you should consider updating. Even if you don’t do exactly what we suggest, it could spark some inspiration for something that’s better suited to you — let’s dive right in with touch hardware.

1.     Touch hardware

Touch hardware — such as cabinets and drawers — is the ultimate example of a perfect blend between aesthetics and functionality. Instead of traditional handles, touch hardware simply requires a push to be unlocked and opened outwards followed by another push for the drawer or cupboard door to be locked back into place. The handle-less aesthetic brings gorgeous visual value to your kitchen and the touch factor means you can open your drawers and cupboards much easier — especially if you literally have your hands full.

2.     Hidden storage

With the addition of touch hardware, comes the potential for hidden storage all around your kitchen — especially if you are looking to install or update a kitchen island. Hidden storage is a way of turning an already existing space into storage without the need for taking up any extra space. Potentially, all the panels in the island could act as storage cabinets which aren’t just useful for an over-abundance of crockery and cutlery, but also other items such as bin liners, spare sponges and cleaning products.

3.     Energy-efficient appliances

Appliances can account for approximately 30% of a home’s energy output — and with many appliances residing in the kitchen, you’re going to want to ensure that if you’re upgrading, you upgrade to efficient varieties. Not only are energy efficient appliances beneficial for the environment, but also to your finances. Energy-efficient ovens, cooktops, microwaves etc. will provide you with a premium result whilst cutting down the cost of your energy bill. Look for the energy rating label on an appliance; the more stars there are, the more efficient it is.

4.     Installing a second sink

Our Collingwood-based plumbers think a second sink is an incredibly useful addition to a kitchen. This is usually a small one compared to your main sink but can still be a double sink if required. Whilst your primary sink will benefit from being situated close to your dishwasher, this sink can be placed more freely around the kitchen. Installing it on your kitchen island is a good idea as it can act as a quick hand-washing station or even as a drink-making station. Alternatively, you can also consider installing an instant hot/cold filtered water tap.

5.     Instant hot/cold filtered water

Instant hot/cold filtered water taps are incredibly practical as they potentially remove the need for a water jug in your fridge (freeing up space) as well as the need for a kettle. The instant hot (or boiling) water can streamline your morning routine if you are someone who drinks tea or long black coffees in the morning. Talk to our Collingwood-based plumbers about installing a filtered instant hot/cold water tap.

6.     Kitchen island

We’ve referenced kitchen islands a few times throughout this article, but it really deserves its own section as they’re just such functional additions. Kitchen islands are especially useful if you are constantly hosting friends or relatives as they offer plenty of space for buffet-style meals. They don’t always have to be large rectangles — but can be built in any size and shape best suited for your kitchen. If you are considering installing appliances into your kitchen island, then you should definitely have a chat with our plumbers about the installation and logistics.

7.     Functional lighting fixtures

There’s a lot of design scope when it comes to new lighting — rustic hanging bulbs, mini-chandeliers, art-deco wall-mounted lights — but the best way to embrace functional lighting is to ensure the areas you use the most in the kitchen are well-lit. This could be a specific bench you use to bake or prepare meals on for example. Spreading downlights around your kitchen is useful for this — but having a primary bulb in the centre (or a few hanging lights) can also help. Smart lighting is also quite beneficial as you can control the hue, brightness and turn it on or off with your voice or by using your smart device.

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