We’re two months into 2021 so our plumbers in Elwood thought it might be a good time to see what the year holds on the kitchen design front. A well-designed kitchen is highly sought-after and doesn’t just factor in the aesthetic of the space – but its functionality as well. Marrying the two elements is a skill that, when perfected, creates the ideal kitchen space. Let’s take a look at some of the top picks this year.

Veined marble

Many new apartments nowadays all feature veined marble – and it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t. Marble on its own is an attractive material that boasts elegance and luxury wherever it’s used. 

Combine that with some dark timber (hardwood would be one of the better styles to use in the kitchen due to its strength) and you’ve got yourself a beautifully contrasting kitchen that still retains its modern chic. White marble with dark veins will go a long way in bolstering this aesthetic.

Hidden appliances

As minimalist design continues to remain prevalent in many circles, clutter has become a distant memory. With that in mind, storing certain appliances like dishwashers or even microwaves in drawers/cupboards may just become commonplace. Dishwashers especially can be made to match the rest of your drawers – posing as just another storage drawer.

This simple and minimalistic approach will leave your kitchen with a clean finish. This is ideal for those that don’t like design outliers and offers a subtler way to clean the dishes.

The rustic kitchen

For those who aren’t partial to a modern or minimalist design, there are daintier options available that involve a mass of vintage/second-hand hardware such as mirrors, racks and even cupboard/drawer handles. The rustic kitchen is ideal for those who prefer a cottage charm. 

These types of kitchens work well in smaller spaces as it helps reinforce the feeling that everything is tightly packed together – not cluttered, just close-knit. This also means you won’t have to travel very far to find the right utensils and crockery.

In terms of colour – there are two avenues you may consider. The first of which relates to browns, beiges and other neutral colours which fit quite well into the worn retro/rustic aesthetic. The other avenue is essentially the polar opposite and draws inspiration from the 1950s – bright pastel colours. 

Sky blues, pinks, greens and off-whites will work wonders and bring a dreamy vibe to the kitchen. These livelier colours also work to separate your kitchen from the rest of your home – especially if open living is involved.

A touch of green

Strategically placing several pot plants around the kitchen will do wonders for sprucing up the ambience of the room and providing a bit of nature in an indoor setting. Depending on the size of your kitchen you could look at small pot plants that sit on window seals or even large, floor-standing pots that can house large-leafed plants.

If you’re feeling extra sustainable, our Elwood-based plumbers would suggest starting a herb patch that you can use. It will save you having to purchase herbs and also provide you with a hobby.

Hot water taps

With society moving forward so rapidly over the last few decades it feels like patience is but a distant memory to some – which is why our plumbers in Elwood believe instant hot water taps are going to be the hot ticket this year. No more waiting for the kettle to boil – simply push a button or shift a lever and instant hot water will begin to flow.

This can be attached to your existing sink and tap or, if you have space, you can install a second, dedicated sink in your kitchen. Keep in mind, though, that installing another sink will require extra plumbing work on top of what is required for a dedicated instant hot water tap.

Do you require a plumber in Elwood?

If you’re considering renovating your kitchen, then you must consult a qualified and licensed plumber like the ones at JPG Plumbing. Our specialists will happily offer key advice regarding kitchen renovations. The last thing you’ll want to do is commit to a renovation only to find out there’s extra plumbing work required. Our plumbers have been reliably servicing Elwood and the surrounding South Eastern suburbs for several years and can provide exceptional and unparalleled services and solutions.

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