As it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the younger generations to afford houses – apartments, units and townhouses offer better chances. But, when it comes to plumbing in these types of properties, some things can be a bit different. Namely, the fact that usually the apartment complex or unit block is owned by a strata company. We’ll be covering everything you need to know about strata titles and plumbing in today’s blog – and who better to deliver the message than our plumbers in Rowville.


What is a strata title?

For starters, we should look at what a strata title is. Basically, it’s the body-corporate who owns the block of units/apartment complex and manage the day-to-day goings-on that affects the owners of the individual blocks. One of the areas they look after is your property’s plumbing – however, there can be some confusion regarding when it’s actually their problem and when it falls on you to fix. Hopefully, after reading this blog you’ll have a clearer idea of how to approach your strata in regards to plumbing.


Who is responsible for fixing the plumbing in my unit/apartment?

The short answer to this question is that it depends on the type of issue you’re experiencing.

  • If any leakages or plumbing issues occur beneath your floor then it falls on the strata to fix.
  • If a pipe has burst outside of your specific property’s walls then it falls on the strata to fix it – however, if a pipe has burst in your kitchen then that falls on you.
  • Things like leaky taps or broken showerheads will fall on you.
  • If any mould has formed within your property it is also your responsibility to fix. That being said, if the mould is due to water leakage from outside of the property then it falls on the strata to repair it.

These are just some examples of common issues and whose responsibility they’d fall under. A couple of key rules to keep in mind is that if it’s an issue relating to an appliance with your property’s walls – then it will most likely fall on you (it’s always worth chatting to your strata though just to double-check) and if it’s a problem that originated outside your property’s walls then it will most likely fall to your strata to fix.

You should keep in mind that it’s fairly common for strata properties to all use the same plumbing lines as it can be very expensive for each individual property to have their own independent one. Another problem this presents is that there’d just be too many pipes and fittings on the property/land. Get in touch with your strata or consult the property plans if you’re not sure where the boundaries are.


Upgrading your plumbing

Chances are if you’re looking to upgrade your plumbing then you’ll have to pay for it yourself. If you’re looking at upgrading the piping beneath or outside of your property then you will most likely have to contact the strata as these outside lines usually affect other properties within the strata so it becomes a more complex situation. Each strata will have their own set of guidelines to follow so our Rowville-based plumbers recommend maintaining good communication throughout the process.


Organising repairs

If the plumbing issue falls under a category where you’re responsible, then you must get in contact with some plumbers in Rowville. However, if it falls on the strata to fund the repairs then you must notify them and they will organise it. In some cases, it can get tricky if a simple issue that may fall under your responsibility turns out to be something larger and the strata and other property owners may need to get involved.


Are you looking for plumbers in Rowville?

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