Whether you’re building a new house or are simply looking to renovate your existing one, the kitchen is definitely an area to concentrate on and any plumber in Ringwood knows that the scope of what you can do with a kitchen truly is as large as your imagination.

That’s why in today’s blog, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the trends that we think will be standing out this year to help you make the right choice or even just give you a bit of inspiration.



Seamless and integrated

It’s all about smooth and uninterrupted aesthetic. No matter the colour of the material – opting for drawers and cupboards without protruding handles is a gorgeous and sleek design option. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you won’t be able to open them – it just means the handles will be hidden and seamlessly integrated into the design.

This works well to achieve that unified look across your kitchen – and, if you want to match it even further then you apply the same design strategy to the rest of your home. Try different shades of a similar colour palette to avoid boring visuals – or some more extreme contrasts if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.


Hidden features

If you’re looking to declutter and really make use out of your available space, then our Ringwood-based plumber thinks this trend might appeal to you. Most items nowadays can be hidden behind cupboards or underneath benchtops. For example, when looking at island benches, consider options where a portion of the base is removed to allow storage room for things like stools.


High ceilings

Giving your kitchen a higher ceiling can be great and really opens up a lot of decorative options. You can paint the ceiling a different colour – essentially making it a feature ceiling – and add some low-hanging lights to them. This also gives the room more space vertically – meaning your cupboards can be higher and store more items if need be.


Open shelves

Forget class cupboard doors – even cupboards in general – open shelves are going to be big this year. They’re practical because you don’t have to open anything to access them and when organised neatly – can look fantastic with all your crockery on display. You can even make them symmetrical with similar dish types of each side of a certain area.

Each shelf can be a different colour ­to match the overall palette of the kitchen and even cubby holes can be painted different colours to add a unique flair to the space.


Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is essentially recycled wood and it’s no surprise that it looks amazing when used in the kitchen. Thanks to its unique, grainy and rustic appeal, it is highly versatile and can be used on any surface of your kitchen – from the flooring to the bench panelling to the actual benchtop.

It also looks incredible when contrasted with other materials or even other shades of reclaimed varieties. Reclaimed wood is actually also stronger than newer wood and is much cheaper. It’s also a lot more sustainable as fewer resources are being expended trying to in comparison to acquiring virgin wood.


Induction cooktops

As we move towards the future as a society – we’re slowly starting to eliminate gas usage where we can. This is where induction cooking comes into the mix. For those who don’t know, induction cooktops use magnetic currents to heat metal coils that in turn heat-up your cooking utensil. It’s a fast and efficient way of cooking and it’s also easy to clean afterwards.

Induction cooktops also look fantastic as their designs tend to be very sleek and modern – fitting in perfectly with any kitchen, even rustic looking ones. If you’re looking to replace your gas cooktop with an induction one, then a Ringwood-based plumber can certainly help you as the gas fittings will need to be appropriately and safely disconnected.


Are you looking for a plumber in Ringwood?

If you’re thinking of bringing in the change this year with a new kitchen and want to take advantage of some hot designs, then hopefully our guide can help spur your imagination into action. If you’re going to be doing some heavy renovating (or installing) then you’ll probably need the help of an experienced plumber in Ringwood to take care of piping and gas fittings.

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