Your toilet gets a lot of use, so when it’s not working as it should, you’re bound to notice. In this week’s blog we look at some of the signs your toilet needs replacing, rather than repairing.



Although they’re a hassle, the occasional toilet clog can be fairly easily dealt with. However, if you’re constantly reaching for the plunger, this could be a sign of a serious plumbing issue. Have a professional plumber inspect your toilet to see whether it needs replacing or repairing.

Cracked Porcelain

It’s a good idea to check your toilet bowl for hairline cracks every once in a while, as hairline cracks in porcelain can deepen and eventually cause leaks if they are not dealt with. The worst possible outcome is your toilet breaking entirely.

Scratched Porcelain

If the inside of your toilet bowl is scratched it can be very hard to clean. The more worn your toilet gets, the more time you will spend trying to clean it, so you’re better off just buying a replacement.

Constant repair

If you’ve needed to call a plumber to perform repairs on your toilet more than a couple of times over the course of a year, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Of course some servicing and maintenance is necessary, but constant repairs warrant a more permanent solution.

You feel it wobble

Your toilet should be firmly fixed to the floor, so any wobbling is a sign of trouble. If your toilet wobbles, first check whether all the bolts are tightly screwed in. If they are, it could be a sign that the floor underneath is damaged or rotting, in which case you will need to enlist professional repairs.


If you’re renovating your bathroom, you may need to update your toilet to match your new aesthetic. If you’re in the market for a new toilet, go for an eco-friendly model that saves water to reduce your future water bills and benefit the environment.

If you’re toilet is exhibiting any of these warning signs, or you simply want to upgrade to a newer, more environmentally friendly model, it’s a good idea to call in a professional plumber to complete the installation for you. JPG Plumbing are your local plumbers in Melbourne and will professionally install a new toilet for you in no time at all.