Refreshing your kitchen is fun to do every now and then but a common misconception is that you must spend thousands to give it a new look. This is not true – as every good plumber in Doncaster knows. There are little things you can do here and there that will cost little but still change the vibe and aesthetic of your kitchen. Today’s blog is going to be looking at budget refreshes to help inspire you – let’s jump right in!


1.      Don’t do anything too drastic

One of the reasons that remodels can get so expensive is because appliances are moved around, and entire sections of the kitchen are changed. Keep your existing layout if you’re looking to save on money. Unless there are physical issues that are inhibiting you from performing basic kitchen activities, then there’s no real need to make any large changes such as these. If you do feel compelled to move an appliance or install another one, however, then our plumber in Doncaster will certainly be able to help you out when it comes to adjusting the piping.


2.     Upcycle old items

The sky really is the limit when it comes to upcycling. You can do something as simple as taking old plates and hanging them on the wall as decorations (feel free to illustrate the plates if they’re too plain) or even creating your own kitchen island using an old cabinet (which can be repainted and modified to suit your kitchens needs). Upcycling is a fun activity that really lets your creativity flourish and also saves items from going to the tip – positively impacting the environment. Another neat idea is cutlery hooks for hanging aprons or other items on in the kitchen (or even as a coat rack in the hallway).


3.     Give it a fresh coat of paint

Our Doncaster-based plumber always thinks it’s amazing what a simple coat of paint can do. Whether you’re using the same colour to give it a fresher, cleaner look so it can pop more or going with a brand-new colour. Mask the areas you don’t want to get paint on and go for your life. You can try a monochromatic approach and then paint the wall a contrasting colour for a bold look.


4.     Open cupboards

This is a simple yet effective procedure. Remove the doors on your cupboards so your crockery and glassware are on display. Rearrange them so they’re placed aesthetically to get an even better look from your new, open design. You can also paint the insides of the cupboards to really make it stand out, adding some colour to your kitchen. The open concept will give the space a completely different look and feel (and you’ll be opening fewer cupboards to get to things).


5.     Cover the walls in wallpaper

There are a plethora of wallpaper designs that you can choose from to purchase and cover your kitchen wall in. Try to play to your kitchen’s strengths – look at the colours or the theme and match the wallpaper accordingly. If you have a lot of towels with alpacas on them then look for alpaca themed wallpaper to keep it going. Wallpaper is also an easy way to avoid marking or damaging your walls as it acts as a thin protective layer (as well as offering a great aesthetic).


6.     Add some greenery

Small planters (or even larger ones that can go on the floor in a corner) can add a heap of rich character to any space and the kitchen is no exception. There is a vast range of plants you can purchase to place on shelves or even just on benchtops as feature pieces. Having greenery within your home will also improve the air quality since they produce oxygen (just make sure they’re well maintained and nurtured).


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