We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – the bathroom is one of the best rooms in a house. Sometimes the bathroom is even considered a make or break feature when people are looking at properties to rent or purchase. If you’re someone that likes to change things constantly and keep up with the times – then we’ve got good news for you. Your bathroom can be refreshed every so often with just several easy tips from our plumbers in Dandenong – let’s dive right into it!

1.    Greenery

Consider greening up your bathroom. Depending on the size and layout you might be able to put in anything from small to larger plants. Not only does this look great but it also promotes a more sustainable way of living. Fresh plants also mean fresh oxygen – simultaneously improving the air quality and creating a calming atmosphere.

Of course, greenery doesn’t just mean leafy plants. Add splashes of colour with flowers as well. Small pot plants on window ledges or near your sink can look fantastic. You can even match them to the room’s décor for the best effect – just don’t forget to water and maintain them.


2.    Matching hardware

A quick method that’ll make you feel like you’ve renovated without spending as much is to just replace the hardware on your appliances. If you have a mirror cabinet, then add or replace the trimming on it to match the cupboard handles or the sink knobs/faucet. There are several possible styles you can opt for with this method – giving you great flexibility and the freedom to be creative.


3.    Install another mirror

If you have space, then putting in another mirror can be a fantastic and practical idea. Whether you put this on an adjacent or opposite wall to your current mirror is up to you. Placing it on the opposite wall can hold benefits such as if you’re trying to look at something on your back then this will be a lot easier – depending on the space between the two mirrors of course.


4.    Build a towel shelf

For a simple and unique design, all you need are some wooden planks. Stain them to match the aesthetic you’re after and then attach them to your wall via hooks or screws. You can either use small planks that will hold a single folded towel (or multiple if stacked) installed in even increments either vertically or horizontally.

Or, you can opt for a longer plank that will hold a few across the board. This is more of a traditional shelf method. The more confident you’re feeling, the more creative you can get with the shelf style and even the material if you think wood won’t fit in with your bathroom’s aesthetic.


5.    Create a feature wall

Our Dandenong plumbers know that not even the bathroom is exempt from the feature wall rule. Create contrast in your bathroom by painting one wall a particular colour. Of course, this only works if your bathroom is not entirely covered with tiles. Even if you have half a wall of tiles then paint the other half and watch the mood of the room change.

If you’re not interested in painting, then add a piece of art. The whole wall doesn’t need to be a different colour, but you can still draw attention to it and make it the feature by hanging up some art or pictures.


6.    Put a portable speaker in

This can be a budget option or if you’re willing too – you can go a bit further and invest in a proper speaker system for your bathroom. If you’re not a fan of listening to music whilst you shower or bathe, then you might be interested in playing nature sounds to help you relax. Just remember not to have it playing too loud as bathroom acoustics are quite bad.


7.    Shower curtain

If you’re someone who uses a shower curtain, then this might be one of the easiest ways to breathe new light into your bathroom. Purchase a new shower curtain and you’ll be surprised at how much it can change the vibe of the room. You can even purchase a few and alternate between them.


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