Every plumber in Brighton knows how seriously people can take their kitchens. It’s up there with the bathroom as one of those make or break rooms when looking for homes to purchase. Whilst some truly iconic design trends can make a kitchen look gorgeous – you’ll want some practicality in there too. So, if you’re looking to remodel your kitchen – have a read of this blog first as we’ll be naming some distinguishable kitchen features that add practicality to the space (as well as look stunning).


Hidden storage (handleless cupboards)

Great for aesthetic and just as good for practicality – if you have a kitchen island then you may not realise you also have the potential for a heap of storage. Provided the insides aren’t filled with excessive plumbing, you can install drawers and cupboards into your kitchen island for extra storage space. Follow a handleless design for a clean and integrated look. Usually, a push to pop out feature works great with this type of kitchen design.

Alternatively, little hideaway units on top of benches where you can store your smaller appliances (such as your toaster or kettle) are great. The work to declutter your benchtop and keep everything neatly tucked away whilst still being only an arm stretch away when you need them. One popular design features a sliding door (either horizontal or vertical) which reveals your neatly stashed appliances when you need them.


Integrated bin unit

Having an integrated bin is beneficial for several reasons. It means less space is being used around your kitchen – adding to its aesthetic and removing a potential tripping hazard. The integration should be positioned close to both the dishwasher and the sink so you can scrape any small food particles away before putting the dirty dishes away. There are different types of sizes and styles you can purchase for the bin itself – which you then simply line for easy removal and cleaning.


Strategically placed power points

Power points are a key part of any kitchen as they help to ensure a smoothly run cooking and baking process. Identifying the key areas where you’re likely to use appliances and placing the outlets in those areas is paramount to simplifying the look of your kitchen (avoiding running long cables etc. around the benchtops) and how you go about using your appliances.

If you’ve heeded our earlier advice about little benchtop compartments where your appliances can sit when they’re not being used – then you can install some power points into these little sections so they can still be plugged in whilst tucked away. This means they’ll be ready for use as soon as you need them.


Adequate spacing between islands and benchtops

To truly be able to enjoy your kitchen in Brighton – you need to be able to navigate it effortlessly and without feeling cramped. Our plumbers recommend at least a 1.5m clearance between any parallel benchtops – whether they be islands or U-shaped designs. This is enough room to guarantee easy navigability. It also allows other people to be in the kitchen at the same time without it becoming too crowded.


User-centric design

What we mean by this, is that all the heavy appliances such as the cooktop and dishwasher should be placed strategically to maximise their use – especially in conjunction with each other. For example, the dishwasher should be placed as close to the sink as possible (preferably adjacent as opposed to parallel) to make it easier to move recently rinsed dishes into it. The last thing you want is to move a dripping wet plate across half of your kitchen just to put it into the dishwasher.

Another example would be keeping a bare space next to your cooktop so you can have ingredients ready to use. Similarly, place the oven near the cooktop can be beneficial as after you take out a dish from the oven, the cooktop (provided it’s free) is a great place to put the hot dish for it to cool down or be transported onto another surface.


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