If you have some handy skills, it can be tempting to try to fix problems around the house yourself without the help of a professional, however sometimes DIY repair jobs can cause even bigger problems. When it comes to common plumbing issues, there are some things that are best left to the professionals. Read on to find out which plumbing problems you should never attempt to DIY.

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Water supply/mainline problems

Water line problems, like leaks or bursts, should always be tackled by a professional plumber, as they usually require specialist tools, knowledge, and experience. Signs that you have a leak in your water line include an extreme reduction in water pressure, damp spots, soft patches and/or depressions in your front lawn, or changes to your bricks or paving. You should also pay attention to your water bill and water meter for any major increases. As for a backed water line, one major sign is when water from one fixture (for example, your shower), appears from another fixture (like your bathroom sink). You should always get a professional plumber to fix any issues with your water line or main line, including adding or moving a line during renovations.

Water heater repairs

If there’s something wrong with your water heater, this is also a problem best left to the professionals. Electricity and water are a dangerous combination and electric water heaters should only be worked on by licensed professionals. The same goes for gas heaters and gas lines. Natural gas is explosive and should not be inhaled, which is why a licensed plumber skilled in gasfitting should be hired to do any gas line testing, repairs or gas hot water heater work.


If there’s any problems with your sewage, including major toilet blockages or leaks, it’s time to call in a professional plumber. Sewage leaks or bursts fall under sanitation, so it’s important that these problems are resolved by a professional plumber in Melbourne, so as not to compromise you and your family’s health and hygiene.

Drainage and roofing (stormwater)

Having proper, working drainage and stormwater systems around your home is extremely important for your safety, especially during months with high rainfall. Whether you need your drainage or roof guttering repaired, or new systems installed due to renovations, a licensed plumber will be able to devise and install the right solution for your home.

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