As any good plumber in Doncaster knows, plumbing systems vary depending on the application. Residential and commercial buildings have two very different systems – with the latter being more complex and demanding due to the usage and amount of people in a building. But the systems change again when we talk about restaurants and hospitality venues.

The type of plumbing required for venues like these are closer to that of commercial buildings because of the number of people who use the facilities – but then you have to consider the kitchen, which is where one of the key differences is. Today we’re going to have a look at the details of plumbing in restaurants and how they differ from other plumbing applications.

The key difference

Let’s say your residential home has a kitchen decked out with a sink, washing machine and oven – for example. These appliances require plumbing and gas fittings to operate correctly. You’ll also have a bathroom with a toilet, shower (possibly a bath) and sink – as well as a laundry with a dryer and washing machine. Now, your average home may not have all of these, but they’ll have some of them for sure.

When we look at commercial buildings, depending on their size, they’ll still have the majority of these minus showers and laundry rooms – except for some cases. But they will have more toilet facilities and plumbing running across multiple levels – which can become quite complex and if done incorrectly can spell serious trouble for the occupants of the building.

Restaurants are a bit of a blend between commercial and residential buildings – and then some. You’ll need to think about bathroom facilities for your customers and staff – and then all of the equipment and appliances you’ll be utilising in the kitchen. How many cooktops and ovens will you have? Then there’s deep fryers and other speciality appliances that you’ll have to consider – not to mention the amount of washing and excess greywater that will be dispelled.

The key difference when looking at plumbing in restaurants is the kitchen and the number of extra speciality appliances that are required as well as the water usage.


Looking at starting a restaurant?

Whether you’re building a restaurant from scratch – or, more commonly – buying an existing one and refitting it, you’ll have to make some changes. The following section will deal with some common elements that you’ll have to consider when opening up a new restaurant.

New fixtures

Depending on how extravagant you’re going with the renovation, you’ll probably need to install new fixtures. This is a common task when planning to install a bar in a new position as you’ll need sinks, dishwashers and drain holes. You might even want to rearrange some parts of the kitchen which would mean new fixtures to accommodate those changes as well.


Disabled bathrooms

Restaurants are required to have adequate access for disabled persons which includes appropriate restroom facilities – which is something you should keep in mind.

Gas plumbing

The building you’ve chosen may already have adequate gas plumbing if you’ve chosen a building that was previously a restaurant – but if not then you’ll have to look into this and use only an experienced Doncaster plumber to help you sort it out.

Grease traps

With grease and food scraps being one of the leading causes of blocked drains in a residential setting – you can imagine how that increases significantly when looking at a busy restaurant. Grease traps are an effective way to minimise the chances of this happening. These specialty plumbing fixtures will stop grease and fat before it can enter the pipes. Grease traps are actually a legal requirement for restaurants nowadays and are something a plumber in Doncaster will be able to help you out with.


It doesn’t just stop at installation

A busy restaurant will use high levels of water almost all the time – which means that you should always keep an eye on your plumbing, and have it checked regularly to ensure that it’s kept in tip-top condition. A pipe-burst or drainage issue could mean you’d have to shut down your entire restaurant which will probably end up costing you quite a lot in terms of business and publicity.


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