Our last article concentrated on some of the essentials that go into an outdoor bathroom – including a lot of aesthetic features. But, what about the practicality of actually running an outdoor shower? If you’re looking at building an outdoor shower in your yard, then you might need the help of a skilled plumber in Croydon. Keep reading to find out the two types of outdoor showers you can choose from and some essential plumbing elements that accompany them.



Before we dive into the types of outdoor showers you can choose from, it’s important to explore one of the fundamental elements that must be considered – drainage. You can choose a traditional system just like your indoor shower that’s connected to sewerage or a more outdoor one with pebbles, for examples, which will allow the water to be filtered and drain steadily into your garden or directly into your soil.

It’s important not to use too many chemical-heavy showering products if you’re draining your greywater into your garden to minimise the environmental impact. The materials you choose as the flooring for your shower must be arranged to direct the water accordingly into your chosen drainage solution. Consult our plumber about the best drainage solution for your outdoor shower.


The hose shower

If hot water is something you’re not really fussed about – which may be possible if you’re predominantly planning to use the shower during the hotter days – then a hose shower might just do the trick. The best part about using a hose to supply your shower with water is that you can do it yourself. All you have to do is purchase the appropriate fittings and pipes, measure and cut them to size, and secure them to the wall the shower will be against.

If you’re looking for a more integrated look (in other words, you’d like to hide the shower hose) then our Croydon-based plumber recommends placing the shower in a location away from your home’s walls. That way, you can drill a hole through the bottom of the erected wall the shower is against and feed a right-angled pipe through there – with the garden hose being on the other side, out of sight.

Consider a detachable showerhead so you can also use it for washing things like freshly picked vegetables or even the mower. Using a hose is a great and easy option for outdoor showers – but, if you want the hot water option available to you, then perhaps some more traditional plumbing is required.


Hot water shower

If you’re after a more familiar option for your outdoor shower, then you’ll need to enlist the help of our Croydon-based plumber who can organise the right plumbing. For starters, the shower will need to be connected to your hot water system. If the shower is situated against your home’s exterior then it may be a lot simpler, but if it’s a distance from your home then some underground plumbing will need to be installed. Have a chat with our plumber who can advise you on the best position and options for both avenues.

It can get complicated when the backyard needs to be dug up because existing gas and plumbing pipes will need to be avoided, so it’s best to also consult your council who can help with avoiding existing pipes as well as any other relevant information or considerations regarding outdoor showers. Whilst installing new plumbing also involves investing in new landscaping to cover up the underground pipes, the result is a gorgeous taste of luxury in your own backyard. It all comes down to your budget and personal preference.


Are you looking for a plumber in Croydon?

Investing in an outdoor shower can be a luxurious, rustic and also practical option – whether you’re having a quick rinse after hopping out of the pool or washing down the lawnmower after cutting the grass. No one is better positioned to help you with the installation of your outdoor shower than JPG Plumbing.

Our plumbers are fully qualified, experienced and familiar with Croydon’s council codes and regulations – giving them the insight and knowledge to handle a variety of plumbing services in the area. Not sure exactly what sort of system you’re after? Have a chat with us and we’ll run through some possible options to make sure you’re happy with the final product.

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