Over the years we’ve seen a steep rise in outdoor kitchen areas – and, why not? If you have the space, they can offer fantastic alternatives to your indoor kitchen when the weather allows it or if you’re just in the mood for a change of scenery/some fresh air. Our Melbourne-based plumbers have had a lot of experience installing and maintaining outdoor kitchens and would like to share a checklist of elements and appliances that define a well-crafted one with you.


The layout

A typical outdoor kitchen is usually against a wall with all appliances in a single line adjacent to each other so it’s simple to navigate. Depending on the space you have available, however, you may want to try a free-standing kitchen in an L or U shape. We also recommend building the kitchen on a deck or area that is shaded by a solid roof.


Deciding on appliances

Some people might not want or need a fully decked out kitchen – which is why it’s worth running down the checklist to ensure you determine what will best fit in with your plan.


BBQ grill

An absolute essential for an outdoor kitchen is a BBQ grill – whether it be charcoal or gas. Gas is the much more efficient option – it’s easier to use and produces fantastic results. The it’s often said that the charcoal method produces a better sear on meat and that the excessive smoke fills it with a more diverse range of flavours as well as feeling more authentic.

Charcoal BBQ’s can be a bit of a hassle to set up and are not ideal for quick barbeques, however. Whilst you will be outside, it’s important to still consider ventilation for the grill since your outdoor kitchen will be located beneath a solid roof. In terms of layout – having the BBQ attached adjacently to the main bench can be handy and advantageous – but you can consider having it as a stand-alone element if you find it will work better for you.



Picture this – it’s a sunny day, you wake, go downstairs and make your morning eggs. What would be better than that? Making those eggs outside in the warm morning breeze of course. Whilst a classic four-burner set up is ideal – it may not be necessary if you already have the BBQ grill (since that’s where you’ll most likely be cooking the majority of your meats and vegetables even). Therefore, we recommend two burners – keep it simple yet practical.



Whether it’s a small or large one with a freezer – having a refrigerator in your outdoor kitchen is handy for grabbing a cold drink easily and also for storing food that needs to be kept cool. That way, you can unpack, prepare and cook it all in your outside kitchen instead of doing half inside and half outside. Keeping the refrigerator along the main bench can be advantageous to ensure the doors don’t open up and block any other elements.



A must-have feature for any outdoor kitchen. Not only will you need it to wash your hands whilst preparing food (as well as wash the food you’re preparing) but it’s also beneficial to have handy when cleaning down the kitchen and cooling off on a hot day. Our plumbers can help ensure all your plumbing is in order when installing your outdoor kitchen sink.



We wouldn’t count this as an essential item but if you plan on doing a lot of outdoor baking then it could be up your alley. One other advantage is that it’ll make transporting roasts to an outdoor dinner setting a lot smoother. It will also keep your indoor kitchen from getting too warm by having the outdoor option as an alternative – this is particularly handy on a hot summer’s day.


Kitchen island

Kitchen islands are advantageous in any kitchen setting as they can bring extra benchtop space above and storage below. But – depending on the room you have available and how much you’ll be using the outdoor kitchen – they might not be entirely essential and could just end up getting in the way.


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