Summer is almost upon us, and, if you’re thinking of treating yourself to a luxe renovation, then then you’re going to want a solid plumber in Ringwood to help out. And, nothing says luxe like an outdoor bathroom. It’s the sort of thing you’re likely to see in a movie or an up-scale tropical villa and today we’re going to be covering all bases when it comes to the topic.


Choosing materials

Crafting an outdoor bathroom is a journey and it all starts with the materials. It can have a truly luxurious feel to it, but it really comes down to how much you’re willing to invest overall. Going natural with a jagged stone wall (for example, the wall that the showerhead will protrude from) is a fantastic place to start. Ideally, you’ll want to find that perfect in-between of rough edges that aren’t so rough that they’ll pierce skin should you simply run your hand against it.

Alternatively, if you’re after something sleeker and flashier, white marble will work great. However, it can be quite bright if the sun reflects off of it so that’s definitely something you should keep in mind. Neutral colours and dull, non-reflective surfaces are the safest avenues to follow for wall materials. Finding something suitable for both your wall and floor is great as matching materials in an outdoor setting work to emphasise the natural environment you’re in.

When it comes to flooring, something durable but also slip-resistant is the way to go (for the shower). Both wood and stone options are suitable for this. Stone (such as bluestone or limestone) for example, can be fantastic because of its texture and the heat it will gain from the sun – making it pleasant on the feet while you’re using the shower. The key points for the floor materials are that they should be rot and slip-resistant and must be installed appropriately to allow for drainage. These are both also great materials for your walls.

You could also look at making the centre strip beneath the showerhead either stone or wood and then occupy the rest of the surrounding area with pebbles or another solid contrasting material. The pebbles are a nice touch as they work to divide up the floor more prominently.



Obviously, you’re going to want privacy – even if your bathroom just consists of a shower that you might only use for rinsing off after a dip in the pool – so the position is important. High walls also work wonders – though you may want to leave one or two sides open to let the sun in. Placing the bathroom up against the wall of your home is highly beneficial as you won’t have to worry about our Ringwood-based plumbers installing extra plumbing underground. That way – you can just add the extra materials to your exterior wall to make it seem less like your home’s exterior.



The distinctive feature of an outdoor bathroom would be the shower. The open, natural setting will feel fantastic whether you’re washing yourself or just having a quick rinse before heading back inside. You can either have a hot/cold water set up like a traditional shower or, simply run a hose through it which will only supply cold water. You can also decorate it with rocks of varying sizes to make it feel a bit more luxurious and even adding a small bench to relax on afterwards. A sink is essential and will come in handy even if it’s just washing your hands after working in the garden. You’ll also want to consider cupboards or racks for towels, soap and other amenities you may require.

A bath is a bit more of an exotic feature but still one worth considering if you’re looking for a premium experience. Freestanding baths are recommended for outdoor settings and our plumbers can help you work out the logistics of where the bath should be positioned within your outdoor bathroom as well as sort out the plumbing.


Crafting your own private oasis

Designing your own outdoor bathroom is an exciting endeavour and can give you a little oasis if you do it right. The key points to remember are high walls for privacy and non-slip flooring for safety. The rest is entirely up to you and the scope is quite large when it comes to design ideas and possibilities.


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