Everyone loves a nice shower. The sound of running water and the feeling of it flowing down you is bliss for some. As every good plumber in Templestowe knows, the only feeling better than a nice shower is having one in a lush and modern environment.

There are a variety of different types of showerheads that you can purchase that will affect the flow of the water – but, you can also have fun with the atmosphere of your shower as well. Today we’re going to take a look at six shower designs to fuel your design inspiration.

1.    No glass

If you have a particularly large area for a shower, why not try doing something that goes against a standard shower design and leave out any glass panes. You could have a wall doubling as a shelf that goes right through running parallel to the main wall.

This leaves the other two sides open or even just one side depending on the rest of the shower’s design. The only downside to this is that it may get a bit chillier in winter with the cold air coming in.

You could also have a wall covering half of the shower for more privacy – that way you still have that no-glass open vibe going on.


2.    Combining materials

Wood is not the first material you’d think of when designing a shower, but it can add some incredible design-value and look fantastic. Naturally, water-resistant woods like teak or ipe will work best.

If you combine this with any marble or ceramic wall (whether it be dark or light) you’ll get a fantastic contrast. Try featuring small strips of wood in your wall and then using it to make up your shower floor. This also works great for drainage as you can have a larger drain below the wood.


3.    Go green

If you have a larger shower you should try putting in some small pot plants or greenery to add to the atmosphere. Whether it’s a large plant outside the shower that grows tall and into the shower room or small ones that you can just place in the shower.

If you’re placing a plant inside the shower, then be sure to position it where it won’t be in the way and also where it won’t take the full force of the water. This also ensures that it gets the water it needs.

Plants have been proven to relieve stress and promote a healthier environment. This boosts the bathrooms overall atmosphere as many people find that bathrooms are very relaxing and stress-free rooms anyway.


4.    Textured walls

Whether it’s concrete or natural material – having a textured wall is a fantastic design element for any shower. It looks great and can make you feel like you’re somewhere else – like in a waterfall with the rough, rocky formation of the natural landscape behind you. Be careful though as depending on what option you go with, the edges can be quite rough.


5.    Large open spaces

If you’re looking for something really unique then our Templestowe plumber suggests you turn your entire bathroom into a shower.

That is, the room will not have any walls or glass doors compartmentalising everything. For drainage, you can slant the floor slightly towards the back wall where the drain is, so the water doesn’t spread too far.

Open spaces like these promote a great atmosphere and leave room for other decorations. You can have a large, frosted window spanning from the ground to the ceiling or pot plants in the corner. The possibilities are endless in such an inviting space.


6.    Industrial aesthetic

A lot of people are aiming towards a more industrial aesthetic with their bathrooms nowadays which means rustic looking hardware and exposed piping.

If you want to go a step further, you can design your shower to just be steel (or any other waterproof metal material) grates with small holes. This can span from your wall to the floor – which is great for drainage.


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