It’s become a trend to design a bathroom to be the most lavish room in the house. Even if not many people end up seeing it, you still want it to be an overly comfortable room, somewhere you can be comfortable showering and going to the bathroom in. Whether it’s over the top gold hardware on white ceramic tiles and walls, or dark, minimalistic looking industrial feel you’re going for, there’s an endless amount of designs and themes that you can go with. Whilst a Croydon plumber can help make sure all your plumbing is in order, it’s important to know what you want the feel of your bathroom to be as well – and a mirror is a big part of that.

There are many different types of mirrors that you can purchase in various different shapes and sizes and it’s essential that you pick the correct one to suit your bathroom’s style. So, once you’ve selected what the theme of your bathroom is going to be, you can move on to the mirror. In today’s blog, we’re going to go through five of the various types of mirrors that you can purchase and what they bring to the room.

1.   The wall mirror

This is a style that encompasses a pretty large range of mirrors as it is basically any type of mirror that is mounted on a wall from behind. These can be purchased in practically any shape or size – whether it be a large rectangular one with no border or a tall ovular mirror. These can be with frames or without.

Be careful with frames though as they will either positively or negatively impact the rest of your bathroom aesthetic. Unless you’ve specifically picked out a frame that perfectly suits the rest of your bathroom, it’s always safest to go frameless as it blends better with most themes.


2.   Decorative mirrors

Whilst the majority of these mirrors are pretty much just wall mounted mirrors – they have such a unique style that they may as well be in their own category. A decorative mirror is any mirror that goes outside the norm when it comes to design aesthetic. The best way to describe this type of mirror is to say that they do not usually come in conventional shapes.

The unconventional shapes are what give them their names. These could be shaped like animals or unusual objects, or even a multitude of smaller mirrors piled on like a collage – but done in such a way that they’re still practical and useable.


3.   Full-length mirrors

Again, these are basically wall mounted mirrors. But, because they’re not above your basin and instead span from the bottom – or close to it – of the floor upwards, they really are their own category. The obvious benefit that comes with full-length mirrors is the fact that you can see your entire self in them. They’re particularly useful for trying on outfits.


4.   Hanging mirrors

These mirrors are particularly suited for more rustic and hipster themed bathrooms and are sometimes referred to as “captains mirrors”. They are typically circular mirrors that are hanging from a point not too far above them with a piece of string. These look great but definitely have a particular aesthetic and mood and you should be careful when purchasing them in case they don’t suit.


5.   Decorative frames

Some mirrors will have over-the-top frames. These might be Victorian era designs or something more modern, but it is important to pick the right one that suits the rest of your bathroom.

For example, if your aesthetic is minimalistic then a simple thin frame would work perfectly. If you’re going for more of an industrial look then a dark, thick frame would be ideal. A great idea would be to have an exposed bathroom theme and have brass framing around the mirror.

Your frame can be practical as well as decorative remember. Consider installing lights around your mirror. This can be useful if you’re someone who uses makeup on a regular basis as it’ll make it easier to apply. Pair this up with a vanity mirror so during the day it can reflect the light from your window perfectly and in the evening, you can just use the lights you’ve installed.


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