As plumbers in South Yarra, we recognise that water conservation and eco-friendly alternatives are important within modern homes. Our team have offered expert plumbing renovation tips before, but while there are many environmentally sensible options to include within the kitchen and steps to achieve an eco-friendly bathroom, laundries can often fall to the wayside. Here, we’ve detailed some green ideas to be included in your laundry renovation.

1. Water-efficient appliances and grey water usage

When selecting tapware for your laundry basin, ensure that the taps are designed to limit water usage. These low-flow taps passively contribute to limiting water usage which can eliminate water wastage when combined with regular maintenance of your tapware to ensure it is not leaking. Checking for leaks is an easy method of conserving water as the seemingly small issue of a dripping tap can waste up to 12,000 litres of water per year. With a little extra research surrounding your chosen detergents, you can reuse the greywater created from soaking clothes or mop water to use in your garden or as flush water in your bathroom. Just one of the many simple ways to save water at home.

2. Washing machine upgrades

Reducing energy expenditure in the laundry starts with the washing machine. When designing or renovating your laundry room, our South Yarra plumbers recommend you choose an energy-efficient washing machine to reduce your water use and improve your household’s carbon footprint. These machines also tend to be gentler on clothes, allowing your clothing to last longer. Saving these resources will also mean that you’re saving money on bills, making it more economically beneficial to replace your older washing machine with a more efficient one.

3. Reconsider your washing routine

Creating an eco-friendly laundry routine can help conserve water and reduce your water bills. This could include reducing the frequency of loads of laundry by waiting until you have a full load before running the washing machine. Before putting on a load of washing, ensure your washing machine is set to use cold water. Setting your washing machine to cold water is a simple action to improve your electricity usage as it reduces the amount of energy needed for water heating.

Laundry routines can also be improved by switching your detergent to eco-friendly alternatives. This could include stain removers and detergents with plant-based ingredients (rather than petroleum-based) or less packaging waste, such as concentrated detergents which reduce packaging and have a smaller carbon footprint. For a greener alternative, find a refill station near you and use the same bottle for your laundry liquid resupply.

4. Avoid ironing

Making your laundry system more environmentally friendly doesn’t have to mean additional work! Ironing consumes electricity and can damage fabric, reducing the life of the clothing. To avoid the crinkled look, consider purchasing clothes that are wrinkle-resistant or using a wrinkle release spray. You can make this at home with a spray bottle, water and white vinegar, saving you time and electricity.

5. Ditch the dryer

As we approach summer, air-drying clothes in the sun becomes a budget-friendly and practical solution. By unnecessarily using the dryer, you increase your carbon emissions and your electricity bill as well as risking damaging your more delicate clothing. Whenever possible, consider drying your clothes on an outdoor line or indoor drying rack. Remember to ensure when drying inside that there is adequate ventilation to prevent high moisture levels and mould growth. Retractable clotheslines are also a space-saving alternative for a smaller balcony or laundry space!

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