There comes a time in your life where you might not feel like a certain part of your home is what you want it to be anymore. It’s quite common for people to remodel parts of their homes. Whilst it can sound like a stressful experience, it can be fun, and the results can look fantastic. The kitchen is a popular room to remodel, but with a room like this, there are some extra things you’re going to need to take into consideration.

Having a Doncaster plumber with you to help with the pipes, drainage and other related matters is a smart and efficient way to make sure all your appliances are installed correctly so you can enjoy your new dream kitchen. Here are some tips from our Doncaster plumbers on how you can make this seemingly daunting task into an exciting side project.

Plan it out

This is not something you want to improvise as you go along. An error in measuring dimensions and it cause a ripple effect that seeps into the rest of your plans. Measure everything and find the right fitting hardware. It’s important to note that, depending on the specifics, you can always alter the measurements of the area you’re installing an appliance – it will just take some extra work to make room.

Once you’ve figured out what hardware you want, the next planning stage is to look at the plumbing side of things. Whilst it is possible to completely redo the plumbing and move the pipes around, it’s always easier – and less work – to keep them in their original positions.  This is something to keep in mind whilst remodelling. A Doncaster plumber will be happy to sit down with you and plan the remodel with you, so you understand what’s involved.


Moving plumbing fixtures

If you do decide to move your sink or any other appliance you may have that uses plumbing, then keep in mind it is not an easy job. Even if you only move the appliance a few centimetres across, the plumbing fixtures need to be shifted, and this can take a lot longer than it does to install them.

If you’re considering installing a second sink, then that’s an extra fixture and drainage that needs to be worked out. An alternative to this could be simply making your first sink larger or extending it to have dual basins.

Another thing to keep in mind would be to house your dishwasher next to your sink. This will minimise the plumbing work as the drainage hoses don’t need to go very far to connect to the fixture. It is also convenient when it comes time to load up the dishwasher.


Decide on your sink early

Deciding where to install your sink early is crucial to kitchen remodelling. Whilst it is a lot more work, if you do feel compelled to install your sink in a brand-new spot, then you should figure out this spot early on in the process. The reason for this is so the plumber from Doncaster can work out how doable it is and how much room is needed for the pipes.

Once they finalise the measurements and all the specifics, then the cabinets that will house the new pipes can be built based on the plumbers’ measurements. The last thing you want is to have the cabinetry built and then have no room for the pipes they’re meant to accommodate.


Keep your flooring in mind

A common flaw when remodelling the kitchen is in relation to the flooring. Especially when it comes to dishwashers, if your flooring ends where the dishwasher starts, it can be difficult to get it out for replacement or repairs. This is not a problem you want and can be easily avoided by simply making sure your flooring goes under your appliance.

This will minimise future issues and it also has a cleaner look as it will seem to disappear underneath your washing machine, as opposed to just ending. If you decide to do this though you should keep in mind that it will affect your measurements when it comes to the cabinetry housing your dishwasher as well as the dishwasher itself. Make sure to factor in the added height from the floorboards and make the necessary adjustments.


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