Over the last 50 years, bathrooms have evolved from being a pokey room of necessity to a major interior design statement. In fact, bathrooms are one of the key areas relaters will tell you to renovate if you want to boost the value of your home, as the modern bathroom is viewed as an oasis of relaxation, self care, and solitude, and thus plays an important part in the emotional connection people make with a property. In this article, we take a look at the key tenets of modern bathroom design.


Whilst the bathrooms of yesteryear were a stronghold of the matchy-matchy interior design aesthetic with floor to wall tiles and salmon toned everything, the modern bathroom is all about contrast and texture. Whilst tiles are still an important (and practical) material option, they are generally used in conjunction with other materials such as concrete, wood, marble, slate and stone. The colour palette of the modern bathroom is also a little less uniform, with many spaces incorporating a wide range of subdued neutral tones. Using contrasting textures and a wider colour palette adds depth to the room, and boosts its aesthetic appeal.



Whilst high frosted windows or down lights were the preferred lighting methods of bathroom designers in days gone bay, the modern bathroom is all about incorporating as much natural light as possible. Large floor to ceiling windows or skylights are a common design feature in the modern bathroom, with the privacy issue being managed through strategic placing, and the addition of plants or bamboo screens outside.


Natural finishes

Sleek and shiny is out in the world of bathroom design and in it’s place, designers are looking to natural finishes and features that prompt thoughts of bathing in a natural setting. Unpolished stone and natural wood make frequent appearances, and no modern bathroom would be complete without one or two indoor plants scattered about.


Freestanding bathtub

If there is one fixture which characterises the modern bathroom, it’s the freestanding bathtub. Baths went out of fashion for a long time in favour of the more rapid washing option of the shower, but as the modern bathroom is a place of relaxation and contemplation, the sculptural bathtubs of yesteryear are back in vogue.


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