The 20th century brought many plumbing inventions such two ply toilet paper, single handle faucets, and low flow toilets, but the 21st century is shaping up to be an even more progressive period in terms of plumbing design and innovation. This week, we take a look at some of the latest design trends and innovations in the plumbing industry.

Sculptural taps

Taps and basins are increasingly becoming a key focal point in bathroom design. Waterfall and ripple water flow, touch button activation, digital temperature monitoring and sculptural designs that wouldn’t be out of place in a modern art gallery are all part in parcel of the latest faucet and basin designs.


Programmable showers

With a simple, user friendly interface, programmable showers save water and time by letting you input your ideal shower temperature, pressure, and spray preference. Most designs also have a multi user function so that every member of the family can program their showering preferences. Extra vertical jets and massage functions in some models make your showering experience all the more luxurious.


Hi tech toilets

Although Japan has had sensor flushing toilets and heated seats since the 1980s, the rest of the world is finally catching up and the latest loos to run of the assembly line are seriously high tech. Automatic lifting and lowering functions, adjustable sprays and fountains to let you go toilet paper free, a hands free drying functions, sensor flush, LED bowl glow, automatic deodorizers and ultra hygienic materials and cleaning functions are just some of the innovations currently being used to revolutionise the humble toilet.


Sparkling tap water

The ultimate futuristic plumbing fixture for a homeowner who likes to live the luxury life has to be sparkling tap water. If you’re a fan of carbonation but feel guilty about all the plastic bottles you’re using, these sink top sparking water taps are the answer. Despite it’s exclusive marketing, these sparking faucets are a relatively simple design which carbonates ordinary tap water by drawing from a C02 cartridge.


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