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As expert plumbers in Dandenong, we know how important it is that your family has fresh tap water available throughout the day. Staying hydrated by drinking water increases energy, encourages the natural metabolic process, prevents diseases, and eliminates toxins from the body. One simple way to ensure your family is drinking the necessary amount of water each day is to install a purifying water filter in your kitchen sink for great tasting, filtered water. 

The purpose of water filters?

Australia is lucky enough to have quality tap water that is safe to consume, passing rigorous testing before it reaches your home, but the drinking water does contain additives that you can often smell and taste. This disinfecting process introduces chemicals that ensure the water does not grow microorganisms as it passes through pipes to your home. Getting a water filter for your home is a quick and seamless way to remove any weird tastes or contaminants from your water for great tasting water every time. This includes any bacteria, viruses, chlorine, metals, tastes and odours for delicious water that’s safe to drink.

Methods of water filtration

There are many different filters for removing different contaminants, which makes it important to choose the best filtration process for your residential and commercial plumbing. Generally, you want the filter to remove contaminants while preserving beneficial minerals. Different methods of water filtration include activated charcoal, distillation filters, reverse osmosis and ultra-violet filters. 

  • Activated charcoal absorbs contaminants from the water and binds them with porous charcoal. It absorbs materials such as metals, bacteria, fungi and chemicals, often leaving behind minerals and salts.
  • Filters that use the distillation process boil the tap water and cool the vapour, leaving behind the impurities. This can be difficult with some chemicals like chlorine, which have different boiling points to the water.
  • Reverse osmosis involves the water passing through several filters often constructed from a thin membrane, stripping the tap water of sediment and minerals. This process often strips the fluoride from the water as well and can leave the water rather tasteless.
  • Ultra-violet filters involve shining high-frequency light on the water to eliminate bacteria and pathogens. While this effectively kills viruses and bacteria, it does leave behind metals and other chemicals. 

Types of water filters

There are many types of filters on the market, including standalone jug filters or purification filters built into your refrigerator. If you’re looking for properly installed sink filters or to replace your current filtration system, it’s best to get in touch with the trusted technicians at JPG Plumbing to discuss your water concerns. Depending on your desired degree of purification and maintenance cost goals, you can consider the benefits of countertop filters, under sink filters or tap mounted filters.

  1. Countertop filters
    This style of filter allows your family to drink clean, tasty water without any plumbing or modification necessary. It involves filling a large, portable vessel with tap water which is then filtered for fresh drinking water. Easy and simple to use, although it can clutter countertop space.
  2. Under-sink filters
    This filter is seamless in your kitchen, as it can attach to the existing tap or operate on its own tap. The filter sits in the cabinetry underneath the kitchen sink, purifying the water as needed without disrupting your kitchen view. Installing these filters often requires the help of a plumber, with filters needing to be replaced every 6 to 12 months or as specified by the manufacturer. 
  3. Tap Mounted filters
    Perfect for smaller kitchen spaces! The tap mounted filter is a convenient sink modification that allows filtered water to appear at the touch of a button without affecting your plumbing. This small and convenient filter attaches to the tap to allow you to switch between filtered and non-filtered water as required.

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