If you’re looking to sell your property, it may be a good idea to invest some funds in the bathroom. The bathroom is considered a make or break room for a lot of people when they’re looking to buy a house. If you are looking to sell, then you might want to get a Collingwood plumber to perform some work to ensure the bathroom is in tip-top working condition (or if you’re having any new fixtures or plumbing installed). Today’s blog is going to be concentrating on five areas within your bathroom that you can improve to boost value.


1.    Updating the hardware

Something simple like the hardware on cupboards, doors and even the towel rack can speak volumes – so you’ll really want to nail this one. Try to complement it with the rest of the bathroom. If you have a predominantly white interior, then silver might blend in too much – try something like yellow gold for a bolder contrast. That being said, silver can also look understated and classic in the right type of bathroom – so it really just depends.

Black PVC can work in some cases but can look a bit cheap as it is such a stark contrast to white. If you can, try to stick to hardware sets and find a style that not only has great colour but a really unique, yet classic (depending on the style of the bathroom) design as well. This element will catch a potential buyer’s eye.

The mirror is a piece of hardware that people often forget about – but it’s just as crucial. Other than ensuring it’s clean, you should also consider looking to see if there’s something better suited to your bathroom out there. Sometimes, though, you don’t even need a new mirror – you might just need a new frame, one that matches the rest of the bathroom’s hardware.


2.    Fix any leaks or plumbing issues

This is where a Collingwood plumber can assist you. The last thing you want is to have people come through during an inspection and see the showerhead leaking or open the taps and have the water rush out (or dribble out). Getting all the plumbing in order is quintessential and will definitely pay for itself when a sale is made.


3.    Aim for a minimalistic design

Minimalism is a hot topic and is something that home buyers look for and appreciate. Look at your bathroom and think of things you can move or be rid of completely to make it look less cluttered. This works especially well for smaller bathrooms as they suddenly become larger spaces. Try implementing several storage cabinets around the room that seamlessly blend in with the design. These will add value on their own as well because everyone loves storage.

Of course, minimalism isn’t just about physical objects, but about the colours and vibe of the space as well. So, if you’re going to incorporate colours into your bathroom then make sure you pick a simple palette that’s easy-going on the senses – or a monochromatic one.


4.    Ensure there is sufficient lighting

If you haven’t already – consider installing skylights or frosted windows to let natural light in. Natural light always promotes happiness and joyous feelings so having it in your bathroom will definitely increase its value. Of course, you can’t always rely on natural light, so you should ensure your artificial lighting is also prominent. Energy-efficient LED’s and heat lamps are attractive options for bathrooms. In addition, the LED’s are eco-friendly and heat lamps offer usable functionality.


5.    Green and clean

The easiest thing you can do is add plants and greenery to your bathroom – which is a great idea as plants produce oxygen and are just generally calming organics. On top of this, you should make sure that every part of the bathroom is clean. Even if you don’t change anything, if you clean your entire bathroom until it’s spotless – then you often get it looking like a new bathroom anyway.


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