More than a simple household annoyance, a leaky faucet comes with a whole host of problems from higher water bills to water damage and wasted water. A leaky faucet to drip is almost akin to your hard earned money just trickling down the drain- it may add anywhere from $20 to $200 to your annual bill! JPG Plumbing offer a comprehensive, expert service for any plumbing issue you may have around the home. But if you’re the DIY kind, this article is for you. Today, we’ll be delving into the causes and fixes for your leaky faucet.

Causes of leaky faucets

A faucet is made up of many mechanical devices, working together to run things smoothly. When that tap starts to drip, it could be related to any of its many parts. Age, deterioration and use are the main causes for a leaky faucet, but there others too. These include loose parts, incorrectly sized washers, worn out seals, or loose parts. It’s really up to you to determine what needs fixing. From there, determine if it needs to be replaced, or if it can be repaired.

Should you replace the faucet?

If you’ve examined each of the parts as listed above, and your tap is still dripping, it might be time to consider replacing your faucet. This is especially applicable if you’re working with an old faucet, as they tend to last up to ten years. To shop for a new one, measure the existing one and take note of how many holes are in the sink for the faucet, as well as whether the hole are centered or widespread.

When it’s time to call the plumber

Getting a professional in to help with your leaky faucet is sure to bring you peace of mind! Not all of us are cut out for DIY plumbing. A trained plumber will be able to not only fix your faucet correctly, but also identify other underlying issues in your systems. JPG Plumbing offer quality services with a friendly touch. Get in touch by calling 0400 978 442 for more information today.