There’s nothing worse than walking into your bathroom and discovering a leaky toilet. Luckily, there are a few easy steps you can take to stop wasted water in your bathroom toilet plumbing. In this week’s blog, we share our top three tips to stop your toilet running. 

1.  Check Your Float

The first thing you should do after you find your toilet running is to check the float. The float inside the toilet tank caps off the water intake once it has reached a specific height. However, if your float is fixed above the level of the overflow tube, it won’t reach the shutoff height, forcing water to be pulled down the tube into the toilet. To fix this, adjust the float to a lower height. The method for changing the float position will depend on your bathroom toilet plumbing; although it’s generally a matter of loosening a screw or pushing a clip. Most toilets will have a marking on the tank to signify the water fill line. Adjust the float to the same level. If there is no marking, aim to set the float so the tank fills about an inch below the top of the overflow tube.  

2. Defective Flapper

The flapper opens and closes the valve which leads from the tank to the toilet bowl. If the flapper is not operating correctly, water will leak into the bowl, creating expensive bills. Your flapper may not be working because: the chain is too short, the chain is caught on another piece of bathroom toilet plumbing, preventing the flapper from forming a tight seal or the chain could be too long, limiting the volume of flush. To correct this issue, try adding or removing links from the chain until it stops the leakage.

3. Watch for Worn-Out Parts

If you’ve checked both the float and flapper and still find your toilet leaking, check if your fill valve is worn out. This would prevent water from coming into the tank. If your fill valve turns out to be faulty, you’ll need to replace it. Flappers also develop cracks and chips over time, so check that too.  

If you’ve tried all of the above and your toilet is still running, contact JPG plumbing on 0400 978 442. We are your go-to local plumber with a fleet of fully equipped vehicles covering all suburbs in the south Eastern area 24/7. Get in touch to solve your plumbing issues today.