For today’s blog, our plumber in Berwick is going to look at some eye-catching features that look fantastic in every modern bathroom. If you’re looking to renovate your current bathroom or build a new one – then be sure to keep this guide in mind as you might get some inspiration from it.


Rainfall showerheads

A simple yet highly-sought after and attractive feature of any shower – a rainfall showerhead offers supreme comfort with its widespread and high pressure (in some models) qualities. Install them in your ceiling so they can be as high up as possible. Split systems are also beneficial as you can have a detachable showerhead in addition to the rainfall head and switch between the two – giving your shower greater versatility.



A popular bathroom addition in Europe and Asia – and something that has gained in popularity in Australia, especially since the recent toilet paper craze – a bidet essentially replaces toilet paper and is instead a basin where you can wash yourself after you go to the bathroom. This is a practical and eco-friendly bathroom feature as you’re erasing the need for toilet paper. There’s also the added bonus of a sleek aesthetic that will certainly stand-out.


Wall-spanning mirrors

Whilst small dainty mirrors can look quite nice, our Berwick-based plumber thinks that a large mirror that runs across your entire wall in front of your basins would look stylish and also be a lot more practical. These also make the room look a lot larger than what they are.

If you already have a large bathroom, then a wall-spanning mirror will look quite grand. You can also choose from a large variety of frames to decorate it or leave it as is for a simple and minimalistic aesthetic.


Large showers

Large showers are something our plumbers in Berwick really love because it almost makes you feel as if you’re on holiday all the time. If you have the room, this is definitely something you should consider doing. You can lay down wooden planks that are waterproof (just make sure they have good grip) and other types of stone as the base and even have seats and decorative plants/rocks in them for added ambience.

The key to a large shower is ensuring the drainage still operates efficiently so you don’t have a build-up of water. Another concept to consider is whether you want it to be an open shower or not – that is, without a door (or even any walls for that matter). The benefits of this are that it can feel like something different, but you may get cold since you won’t be in an enclosed space that keeps the heat in.


Smart toilet

If you really want to go overboard – then yes, smart toilets are a thing. These are toilets that come with several features including their own music and seat warming features. Automatic flushing and water-saving features are other desirable properties of a smart toilet. They can also be connected to your smartphone and actually monitor your waste for medical reasons if that is required. Smart toilets aren’t really common yet but they’re starting to slowly get bigger as more advancements are made.


Natural lighting

Our Berwick-based plumbers know that natural lighting is an absolute must feature for any bathroom. Large skylights and windows can help a bathroom to feel less cold. If it’s not sunny outside, then you can use quality artificial lighting to improve the mood. Any windows or skylights should be frosted to maintain privacy.


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