If you’re looking to design a well-organised, efficient laundry then look no further! Our Dandenong plumbers have put together a great guide for you with all the need-to-knows when it comes to putting together a laundry. We’ll be covering positioning, trending aesthetics and of course practicality as we dive into the thick of things.

Selecting your machines

You’ll have the choice of choosing between front loading machines and top loaders. Nowadays the majority of people tend to stick to front loaders. Not only are they extremely energy efficient, use less water and are generally softer on clothes, they’re also smaller units. They also have a more aesthetically pleasing design that will fit in perfectly with a modern laundry-scape. It is also much easier on your back as you won’t be bending over the unit trying to load it every time.

Because of its design, if you place the washing machine on the floor, you’ll probably have to crouch down to load it, so our Dandenong plumbers recommend installing higher up so that It’s at a perfect height for you to load/unload without having to crouch or be taller. This is where putting cabinets in underneath as a support and bonus storage units can be a brilliant idea. When it comes to dryers the different types vary quite a bit but they’re all tumble dryers and hold the same design format mostly.


Placing the hardware

You’ll want your laundry to be a well-lit area so in addition to a light, why not put a window in? That way during the day the room can bathe in the natural sunlight. Laundries are typically small rooms and so you’ll want to make the most out of the room you have. Generally, the dryer and washing machine are placed side-by-side or on top of each other. This is due to the convenience of having them so close to each other for moving the wet laundry into the dryer.

Having cabinets and storage space is also essential in a laundry. The positioning possibilities are endless as you can have them wall-mounted, below one or both of the machines doubling as support units or even just in a corner not attached to anything. Just make sure when you’re designing your dream laundry that you leave space for your basket. A simple plastic or wicker basket can be a great look. Though be wary that the wicker baskets will fray and splinter over time.


The technical side


The washing machine requires an electrical power outlet, connection to a drain as well as a hot and cold water supply. For this reason, the washing machine must be placed where it can easily be connected to the water pipes and drainage system. The Dryer on the other hand only needs a connection to an electrical outlet, an exhaust vent and – if it’s a gas dryer – access to the gas pipes. Because they do not need to share the same pipes, the dryer can be placed on opposite ends of the laundry if you want.

An interesting and practical style – especially for a smaller laundry – would be to have the dryer placed directly opposite the washing machine. That way, you can just move the washing from one machine to the other by simply turning around. Consult your plumber before purchasing a washing machine to make sure the pipes are all in the correct positions or are able to be moved to suit your desired outcome.


Extra perks

Some people enjoy adding some extra features into their laundries such as sinks and taps. This is, of course, a very practical addition to your laundry but can also add a great aesthetic quality if matched with the surrounding décor. Whilst you want practicality over aesthetics, it’s always nice and comforting knowing that a room looks immaculate, and nothing says immaculate like matching colours and features.

Even small things such as shoe racks or plants can add something to your laundry. Whilst plants and flowers will improve the style and atmosphere of the room, something like a shoe rack can promote healthier living by encouraging everyone to take their shoes off when indoors and place them neatly onto the rack.


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