In the privacy of the bathroom humanity does some pretty gross things. The bathroom is meant to be a place where we go to get clean, but in the pursuit of this cleanliness, hygienic common sense and are good manners often forgotten. Sloppy bathroom etiquette has practical, social and pathological consequences:
Your bathroom gets dirtier, faster as dirt, bacteria and damp are allowed to accumulate.
Whilst you might be accustomed to your bathroom habits, others might not be.
Many common bathroom habits encourage the growth of dangerous bacteria and mould.

In this blog, we’ll be looking at some classic bathroom bad habits, which can be managed through good bathroom design.

Problem: Mouldy shower curtain

Broadly speaking, shower curtains are a bio hazard. Every time you shower the bottom of your curtain gets soaked and if it is not hung out to air and dry properly, mould and mildew are inevitable. Aside from staining your shower curtain and looking disgusting, mould can be toxic to human health and may produce an unpleasant odour. Shower curtains also often channel water out of the bathtub or shower area into other areas of the bathroom, which leads to standing water, dampness, and ultimately the spread of mould.

Design solution: Do away with the shower curtain

Shower curtains are daggy and require regular scrubbing to stay clean and mould free. Shower screens however ensure that water stays in the shower area and are not as prone to mould. Having a shower screen installed is a simple way to minimise mess and give your bathroom a modern facelift.

Problem: Bacteria filled soap dish

If you think a soap dish is part of a neat and tidy bathroom you are wrong. Most soap dishes don’t allow water to drain, so the soap always stays wet and bacteria is allowed to grow. Storing your soap this way is probably making your hands dirtier, not cleaner.

Design solution: Soap dispenser

Stop cluttering up your bathroom bench and washing your hands in bacteria. Do away with the soap dish and instead invest in a stylish dispenser.

Problem: Toothbrush cup

Tossing the family toothbrush collection together in a cup might seem like an innocent and convenient way to store this everyday object but it’s actually just a good way to spread germs and make a mess. If someone in your household gets sick, the germs will end up on their toothbrush which will in turn migrate to other family members toothbrushes as they come into contact with one another in the cup.

Design solution: Toothbrush rack

Invest in a receptacle or toothbrush rack that has individual holes for toothbrushes to ensure they don’t touch.

Problem: Hanging multiple towels on the same rack

Everyone has been guilty of finishing up with a towel and then hanging it on an already full rack. Unfortunately, the logic of piling damp fabrics up on top of one another to dry doesn’t really work. What is more likely to happen is that the damp towels will accumulate mildew and begin to smell. In addition to this, putting your towel on top of someone else’s allows them to exchange organisms and germs (like staph) that are found on human skin. Do you really want someone else’s skin disease?

Design solution: Use hooks instead

Let your towels dry and keep them separate by doing away with the rack system and installing hooks instead. This is a simple, cheap and fast way to avoid turning your towel into a petri dish.

Problem: Clutter around the bathroom sink

It usually starts off with a bottle of liquid soap for guests to use. Then comes the toothbrush cup and the toothpaste. It’s pretty much downhill from there as we find it more convenient to leave out various pots and potions from our daily routines. This often means that things we use on our faces, like makeup brushes, razors and combs end up on the bathroom benchtop. Although it might be more convenient to store things this way, counters are one of the most germ riddled areas in a bathroom, and the longer you leave items in contact with this surface, the more likely they are to pick up germs like Ecoli and Staph.

Solution: Bathroom cabinets

If your bathroom products are finding their way onto your bathroom counter, chances are you have a storage problem. Consider investing in some bathroom cabinets which conceal and protect your bathroom products whilst keeping them within reach.

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