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If you’re searching for a local plumber in Melbourne’s southeast suburbs, look no further than JPG Plumbing. Whether you need a plumber in Sandringham, Black Rock,  Dandenong or Brighton, JPG Plumbing will look after you. In this article we’ll provide examples of the most common reasons we get called out, so keep us in mind the next time you encounter one of these plumbing problems. At JPG Plumbing, we are experienced in handling both residential and commercial site requirements.

Roof Gutters Clogged

It’s important to regularly maintain roof gutters; blockage is a frequent occurrence as leaves, dirt and gunk can build up over time. In the event of a storm, heavy rain (or random Melbourne weather), blocked gutters will prevent water from flowing to the ground via your house’s downpipes – which can cause leaks and damage to your roof. Luckily, most of this can be avoided by checking gutters a handful of times a year and removing any debris that has become caught. However, if you start to notice signs of more severe damage, leaks, or mould appearing in your home, it may be time for a Melbourne plumber to assess your roof to test if further action is required.

Gas Leaks

In an emergency, where you believe you or someone else could be in danger, Contact 000 for help.
Our team at JPG Plumbing is qualified and ready to respond to gas leaks across Melbourne’s South-East suburbs. If you smell gas, attempt to locate the source. If you believe it is a leak – turn off any live flames, open windows for ventilation and turn off gas at the meter/ tank.
Get in contact with one of our team at JPG Plumbing for further instructions, and we will arrive to find and resolve the leak. Natural gas is odourless, so in Australia another gas called mercaptan is combined to provide it with a strong smell. If you suspect a leak, act ASAP.

Toilet Repairs

Occasionally, items that shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet end up flowing down the toilet. This can cause clogs and blockage in the pipes. If the problem is not resolved after using a plunger, and you’re having continuous issues – it’s probably time to call one of our Melbourne plumbers at JPG Plumbing. We will arrive and assess the situation. Keep in mind the problem may be caused from within the sewer line, rather than the toilet unit – and this is an issue that should be resolved by a professional.
Another reason to call for a plumber at JPG Plumbing is ironically, the opposite. If your toilet is running water (constantly refilling whilst unused), leading to an excessive water bill – it means you might have a faulty part. A professional plumber in Melbourne can diagnose the issue and replace the faulty part.

Leaky pipes

The issues caused by a leaky pipe can start simple; the wasted water leaking may generate a larger bill. However, greater costs may occur due to the damage that can occur over time. If the leak is within the house walls, it can lead to structural damage, damp, and mould build-up. This can be identified if you notice a section of the wall that appears moist and deteriorating. Visible changes in wall colour around a section near a pipe are a strong sign that you have mould accumulating. Leaky pipes occur commonly over time, especially in older buildings with outdated plumbing systems, as the quality and integrity of the pipe decreases due to corrosion and rust.

If you are concerned that your pipes are subject to a leak, we also provide water leak detection services. Contact us so a member of our Melbourne plumbing team can provide a professional audit and surveillance of your building’s plumbing.

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