Aside from making your house more aesthetically pleasing, keeping your garden well maintained is also important for your plumbing. An unkempt garden can cause a slew of plumbing problems, which can result in costly repair bills if unchecked. By following these handy garden maintenance tips, you’ll be able to avoid a garden related plumbing disaster.

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Be careful of roots

Overgrown roots from trees, bushes and shrubs tend to be the main culprits behind garden related plumbing disasters. Roots are programmed to grow in the direction of the nearest water source, which, unfortunately, often happens to be your plumbing system. If a root reaches your underground pipes, you may end up with a burst pipe, or repeat blockages that are time consuming and costly to repair. Combat roots before they cause problems by regularly trimming them, putting in place physical barriers to stop them from reaching your pipes, or using chemical controls such as copper sulfate.

Remove debris

Removing debris from your garden is another way to combat against garden related plumbing problems. Piled up debris from trimming and cutting is not only an eyesore, it also has the potential to act as a fertiliser, giving rise to pesky weeds and the aforementioned bush and tree roots – all of which can interfere with your plumbing. Debris can also be washed into outdoor drains, causing clogs and blockages, and, in turn, pools of stagnant water. Avoid these issues by removing garden debris as soon as possible.

Look after your lawn

Keeping a well-trimmed lawn will prevent against weed growth, and reduce the volume of grass cuttings to be cleaned up after each mowing session. Grass cuttings, like other garden debris, can make their way to your drainage system, causing blockages and mould growth. By regularly maintaining your lawn, you’ll avoid these issues and have a perfectly presentable garden.

By maintaining a neat and tidy garden, you can avoid a host of garden related plumbing issues and save hundreds (even thousands) of dollars in plumbing repair bills. It’s also a good idea to have a plumber perform regular maintenance jobs to minimise the chances of costly repairs. JPG Plumbing are your reliable plumbers in Melbourne, ready to tend to all your plumbing maintenance and emergencies. Call us today on 0400 978 442.