The bathroom is often viewed as one of the most important rooms in a home. So, it’s little wonder why so many people prefer a property that has a great bath. As any plumber in Rowville knows, baths aren’t just practical – but also decorative. They can transform the entire room and ultimately become the make or break factor of a bathroom.

There are several different styles of baths that you can choose, and each brings a unique charm to the space. Your best bet is to select a bath that complements the rest of the space in terms of décor. Let’s take a look at some different types of baths to give you some inspiration.


Standard baths

The most common type of bath is usually against the wall of a bathroom and is shaped like a typical rectangular tub. This can be inside a squared-off area that blends in with the rest of the bathroom’s décor. These are very plain yet tried and true designs and as long as they’re long enough for you to relax in – then they’re doing their job. These can come in various shapes and don’t always have to be rectangles.


Decorative freestanding baths

You can opt for a more classic and decorative bathtub design if your bathroom is a bit chicer. These can have precious metal-plated features and are generally quite deep. They’re also typically free-standing tubs with legs. Depending on the size of your bathroom, you can place the tub in the centre of the room for a grander effect.

In fact, we recommend that such a tub be the centrepiece of the room. This style of tub is much more than just a bathtub. It’s a decorative feature – a piece of art, almost. This is for the extra ornate bathrooms that are likened to palaces and high-end hotels.


Roll top baths

A roll top bath is the perfect middle-ground between a traditional bath and an ornate freestanding bath. This type is still freestanding – but instead of using legs on each corner, the entire underside of the bath is a base. This provides absolute support whilst also maintaining that allure and look of a freestanding bath.

Available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, roll top baths are also available in varied shapes and designs. So, whether you’re feeling something a little more modern or old-school, a roll top bath is probably the right style for you.


Shower baths

These hybrid baths are great if you want to save some space. You basically install a shower above your bath, so you stand in your bath whilst you shower. A good Rowville plumber can help you with the plumbing and installation of the extra system. These can be handy if you also want to transition from a shower to a bath really quickly – as you just put the plug in after you’re done washing yourself.

Add a curtain or glass panel to the side to stop any extra water from spraying out onto the floor unnecessarily. These can be combined with most types of baths, but freestanding baths are a lot harder to use with a shower so it’s best to stick to baths that are attached to the wall.


In-ground bathtubs

The ultimate in retro styling – an in-ground bathtub is extremely stylish and best suited for larger bathrooms as they’re typically placed in the centre. Most notably featured in the film Scarface, this retro aesthetic can be at floor level or even above ground but with the floor material built as steps leading up to it.

The best part is that these can double as spas very easily and are typically in rounder shapes. This is a more modern statement piece than say, a decorative freestanding bathtub. Even though it’s a retro design – the surrounding materials are what defines this type of bathtub as it’s all in-ground and out of sight.


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