There are few plumbing problems more disconcerting than a blocked or malfunctioning toilet. For such a vital piece of household engineering, it’s surprising how often we take toilet technology for granted, and only really notice it when it breaks down. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at various examples of toilet troubleshooting, so you’re better equipped to identify and manage issues when they arise.

Low water level

If you flush and the water level in the bowl drops significantly afterwards you may have a cracked or clogged bowl. A clog of toilet paper that is siphoning water away from the bowl is the most likely cause of a low water level. If this is the case, it can be removed either manually or with a plunger. Another possible cause of the low water level is a cracked bowl which is leaking. If this is the case, the bowl will need to be replaced by a professional.


Slow drainage

Toilets that take a long time to drain after flushing may have a partial or full clog further along the plumbing line. Try filling a bucket with water and pour it into the toilet quickly. It it’s a partial blockage, the pressure of the water you’re pouring into the bowl should help it move through, but if the water fills up in the bowl and drains slowly, it’s a more complete clog which will need plunging or possibly even professional intervention if the blockage is further down the line.


Suction sounds in other drains

Gurgling sounds coming from the sink or shower drain is a sign that the pipes aren’t properly vented and there is air passing through the other pipelines. Venting problems are usually caused by blockages in the shared vent pipe and it’s best to call in a professional to manage issues like these. A slow water flow, exposure to sewerage gases, and serious blockages can occur if this problem isn’t seen to with some urgency.


Whistling tank  

If you have a tank that whistles after you flush, then it’s simply a sign of old technology where a ball float is used to close the water valve as the tank fills up. This isn’t a problem unless you find the noise irritating, in which case, it is possible to replace the tank with newer technology.


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