Bathrooms are amongst one of the most important rooms in a house. You’ll want your bathroom to be comfortable, stylish and practical. Rooms can be renovated to stay on trend with all the current design styles and ideas. There are some people that constantly renovate their bathroom annually to keep up with these trends. JPG Plumbing has crafted this list of bathroom design trends that are fantastic for 2019 and will keep your bathroom looking fresh and modern.



There are a couple of different things going on with mirrors this year. One of which is having a mirror in front of an open window. Whether it’s suspended from the ceiling, swinging out from the side on an arm or planted behind the basin and being held by a single pole, these look great and are practical. Not only do you have the option of easily switching between looking at yourself and the world outside the window, but you also get the addition of the natural light coming in and lighting up your face and the room. This will make using the mirror easier.

Another idea is having an oversized mirror in a small room. The contrast will create an interesting and stylish dynamic. Pair this with some other large objects like a hand towel holder or wallpaper with large objects and impressions on it. This can create a busy looking bathroom which may appeal to some.



One thing that JPG Plumbing have been seeing a lot of this year is marble walls. Whilst marble floors and basins are a common feature, having your entire wall made be marble is something that’s breaking into the mainstream and with the right direction, it can work. There are two ways you can go about this.

The first is that you create a complete contrast from the rest of your bathroom using solid colours, separating your wall from your floor or features (basins etc.). The other way to go is the much busier option of making everything marble. It’ll definitely stand out and create an open atmosphere. With everything marble, it’ll seem very busy but also as if the room is ever-growing like it’ll never end.



Installing a basin with a unique pattern or colour that separates it from the rest of the bathroom is a great way to draw attention to it. Neutral colours are no longer the “it” thing and so you can combine not only different colours but also materials to be used in the basin.

A single standing basin is another idea which is causing a lot of waves. Instead of having a cabinet underneath and a basin on-top, you simply have a large pedestal that holds up the basin and that’s it. Obviously, you won’t have the storage space because there’ll be no cupboards underneath, but it does clear up a lot of space, giving the bathroom a more open concept. Pair this idea with an all marble bathroom or just a darker palate and your bathroom will be oozing style from the get-go.


Water features

Having water features in your bathroom is a great way to set the mood and atmosphere. The running water will create a calm and tranquil environment where you can do what you need to in peace – resulting in a relaxing experience. This can be a small waterfall within a miniature garden off to the side, or even water being directed through bamboo shoots. The sound alone will help transform your bathroom into something more and transport your mind to a calming forest. If you have a large plant on the outside of your bathroom you can install a full-length frosted window improve this natural concept.


Open bathroom

A traditional bathroom is generally its own room, but what about having an adjoining ensuite without walls? This open concept offers a laid-back layout and creates more room to get ready in the morning. Whether you have a small wall in the middle – giving you two entrances to the bathroom – or just one large opening, the effect will still be the same. You can also change-up the colours having it the same as your bedroom or completely different for a massive contrast.


Looking to renovate your bathroom?

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