Renovations are, no doubt, a big job. And when renovating a part of the home that is as complex as the bathroom, renovations become even more complicated. There are so many areas people can make mistakes – from trying to be a DIY plumber, to forgetting to plan for sufficient lighting. And because the bathroom is such a high traffic area that is used daily, you’ll want to make sure you don’t make these same mistakes. That’s why today, we are giving you the rundown of seven common mistakes people make when revamping their bathroom.

#1: Priorities

While a fancy new set of fittings might be calling your name, sometimes you need to hit the brakes and reconsider other things that might be more essential. Consider your pipe system – is it outdated? If so, you should be allocating your money towards hiring a plumber to update the pipes, rather than splurging on face-value fittings. Remember: functionality is what counts in the long run.


#2: Ventilation

Did you know that overlooking ventilation actually poses a health risk to those who use the bathroom? The constant moisture and warm temperatures mean that without ventilation, the bathroom is the perfect place for mould to grow. And certain types of mould that thrive in this environment actually pose serious health risks, such as asthma attacks.

To combat this, you should install some form of artificial ventilation, such as an exhaust fan. You should also make sure the bathroom has a natural source of ventilation (for example, a window that can be opened to let out steam and dry moisture).


#3: Lighting

Lighting is important not only for design but for practical reasons, too. It’s imperative to have a few sources of lighting to make the bathroom as functional as it is beautiful. Consider the different types of lighting, such as task lighting, ambient lighting, decorative lighting and natural lighting.


#4: Storage

People tend to consider storage as an afterthought. But while it’s not as exciting as a new shower or vanity, storage is one of the key features that is going to improve the functionality of your bathroom. Inadequate storage is simply inconvenient in the long run.

If you’re worried about storage looking clunky, get creative with how you use it! Investing in mirrored cabinets, open shelving and spacious vanities are just some ways you can rethink your storage strategy.


#5: Tiles

Don’t get us wrong: tiles are ideal for the bathroom. They are generally easy to clean, and they aren’t damaged by constant steam or moisture. However, there are a few ways renovators can make the wrong decisions when it comes to tiling:

  • Opting for tiny tiles in a large area. Small tiles require more maintenance, as there is more grout to upkeep, and this level of maintenance does not suit everyone’s lifestyles. If you want to use small tiles to add a retro touch to your bathroom without the extensive maintenance, consider only adding them to a small section of the bathroom (rather than an entire wall).
  • Not checking the safety factor. Certain tiles have greater grip than others when wet. Many people do not check how safe their chosen tiles are, and many don’t know how to. There are two internationally recognised grading systems (known as the ramp test and pendulum slip resistance test) that you can cross-reference when buying your tiles to ensure your bathroom is safe for everyone.


#6: Materials

Certain materials just don’t work well for the bathroom unless you are willing to splash out the extra cash (not to mention extra maintenance time) to ensure they do. The excessive moisture in the bathroom isn’t kind to wood, wallpaper and certain other types of materials that can warp and rust over time. Instead, try to opt for ceramic, stone or stainless steel for areas that are going to get wet.


#7: Plumbing

Whether people try to DIY the plumbing, or they decide they want to jumble the layout of the bathroom, going wrong with plumbing is one of the biggest (and most costly) mistakes you can make when redesigning your bathroom. Instead, try to avoid moving the pipework. Work with the layout you have, and always consult a professional plumber that can give you useful advice for your remodel.

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