Let’s face it, cleaning the bathroom is nobody’s idea of a good time. Here are a few clever bathroom cleaning hacks that will save you both time and money.

Bathroom cleaning hacks

  • Shaving cream can be used to polish your faucets

Rub shaving cream onto your faucets and then wipe off with a clean, slightly damp cloth for a sparkling finish.

  • It can also be used to keep mirrors fog free

Rub shaving cream onto the surface of your mirror with paper towel, then dampen the paper towel and wipe it off. This keeps your mirror fog free for up to a week.

  • Put your shower curtain into the washing machine

Instead of laboriously trying to wipe mildew off your shower curtain, put it in the washing machine with half a cup of baking soda and a few sheets or towels to create friction and scrub the curtain clean during the wash cycle.

  • Say goodbye to mouldy bath toys

Fill a bucket with 4 litres of warm water, then add a cup of vinegar and put the toys in to soak overnight. This will get rid of mildew as well as extend their lifespan.

  • A chemical free way to unclog your drain

Pour a two litre bottle of room temperature Coke or Pepsi down your blocked drain and leave it for an hour before rinsing with hot water. The phosphoric acid in these soft drinks breaks down a lot of the build-up which commonly causes

  • Get rid of rust rings with clear nail polish

If you often end up with rust rings from damp bathroom products like cans of shaving cream, deodorant, and hairspray, simply paint the bottom of the can with a layer of clear nail polish to stop the rust transferring onto your pristine bathroom bench.

  • Save your shower screen from soap scum

Spray down the surfaces of your shower with non-stick cooking spray, leave it a few minutes and then wipe off. Soap scum will now just slide off these surfaces.

  • Eliminate soap scum on your shower head

Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and then tie it around the shower head with a rubber band so that the head is submerged in the vinegar. Leave to soak overnight and in the morning your shower head will be sparking!

  • Screw a magazine holder into the inside of your bathroom cupboard

It’s perfect for storing your hairdryer and means you wont have cords running everywhere.

  • Attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your bathroom mirror

This is a no brainer way of storing bobby pins, clips, nail scissors, and other small metal items that often go astray.

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