Our plumber in Chadstone has found that bidets carry with them unusual stigmas. People find their existence strange even though what they’re used for is something we do every day in the shower. So, what are bidets used for? Put simply, they’re used for cleaning our nether regions and are meant to be an alternative to toilet paper. There are several advantages to using a bidet and in today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at some of those advantages as well as the basics of this sanitary appliance.


Why do they exist?

Bidets act as an alternative to toilet paper and are used to clean ourselves after we use the toilet. They’ve been extremely popular around Asia, Europe and the Middle East for several years. They’re usually situated beside or near the toilet and provide a more efficient, economical and eco-friendlier alternative to toilet paper which can be wasteful, uneconomical and time-consuming.


How do they work?

Before you use a bidet, make sure you have a towel nearby – preferably one that you won’t be using for anything else. Straddle the bidet in the same direction that you’d use a toilet and adjust the water temperature to a level you’d be comfortable with. There is a nozzle that can be angled on the bidet to clean the right spots so angle it appropriately before you start cleaning.

You may use soap with the water to wash yourself but if it generally suggested that soap should not be used when it comes to genitalia and that warm water is sufficient. Turn off the water and dry yourself with the towel. There are some misconceptions about the nozzle squirting water all over the bathroom. The pressure of the water can also be adjusted along with the temperature to ensure an easy and comfortable washing experience.


Why are they eco-friendly and economical?

The fact of the matter is that toilet paper is a single-use product. Even if companies make toilet paper from recycled materials the products itself is not very environmentally friendly as each sheet only has one use. On top of that, toilet paper can become quite costly depending on how many people are in your home. This sort of ongoing cost can add up.

Bidets, on the other hand, erase the need for toilet paper, thus significantly mitigating the impact on the environment. They’re also a lot more cost-effective as there are varying types that you can purchase in all sorts of price ranges. Either way, it’ll be a one-off cost. Even though bidets will use more water, it is generally a marginal increase on your water bill – especially in comparison with how much you’ll be saving on toilet paper.


Toilet seat bidets

If you don’t have enough room or simply don’t want to install another unit in your bathroom – then you can opt for a toilet seat bidet. As the name suggests, it is simply a nozzle that attaches to the bottom of your toilet seat that turns your toilet into a bidet as well. So, when you’ve finished your business you don’t need to move to a separate unit to clean yourself.

The nozzle will extend when it is needed and retract when it is not in use. Some of these modern inventions even have their own built-in water heaters. Some more advanced options also feature extras such as seat heaters, deodorises and warm air dryers – which can make for a very comfortable and luxe experience. Toilet seat bidets can be very handy and economical in terms of saving space and convenience. There are also hosed nozzle options which can offer a lot more flexibility as well.


Are you looking for a plumber in Chadstone?

Whilst the recent toilet paper craze has died down, it has opened a lot of people’s eyes to the usefulness and practicality of a bidet. They’re economical, eco-friendly and incredibly hygienic. Once people can get over the unnecessary stigma that surrounds them then our culture can embrace them in much the same way that they’re embraced overseas.

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