Sometimes keeping your bathroom neat and tidy can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Ask any Vermont-based plumber, the key to keeping your bathroom tidy all starts with an effective routine. This doesn’t have to be something you write down – but something you’ll develop with the help of some small hacks and tips. And, that’s exactly what we’re going to be going through in today’s article – eight hacks to help keep your bathroom tidy.


1.     Toothbrush holder

It’s tempting to just leave your toothbrush on your vanity, but think of how much nicer and cleaner it will be if you placed it in a dedicated holder? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy – an old glass or cup will do, but you can go that extra mile and opt for something more aesthetically pleasing if you wish.


2.     Robe hook

Add a hook to the back of your bathroom door to hang up your robe (or any other piece of clothing) so you don’t have to leave it on the floor between showers/baths. Alternatively, if you have a spacious bathroom you could place the hook on the wall if you think that’ll be easier for you.


3.     Hair dryer holster

You can purchase dedicated holsters in varying styles that attach to your wall – making the storage and use of your hairdryer more convenient. If you’re after something a bit more unobtrusive then you can attach an old-school magazine holder to the inside of your vanity cupboard for a more DIY-styled holster. This will also add to the minimalism of your bathroom – which our plumbers know is quite the trend nowadays.


4.     Toiletries tray

Add a splash of style to your vanity with a valet tray or something similar that can house your various toiletry items (floss, clippers etc.). If you can find something that’s the same style as your vanity, then that’s a bonus – otherwise, try to opt for a stark contrast. If you have multiple items and accessories (and a decent sized vanity) then our Vermont-based plumbers recommend several trays so you can have one for basic toiletries, another for creams and ointments, one for shaving accessories and so on. The compartmentalisation will reinforce a clean and minimalist aesthetic whilst also making the vanity easier to clean.


5.     Towel shelf

As well as the standard rack that’ll house the towel you use after a shower or bath – a nice towel shelf can come in handy if you ever need an extra towel quickly or even for those times you may forget to take one into the bathroom with you. A single square shelf will allow you to stack at least three-four towels on top of each other. If you feel you’ll need more shelf space, then a horizontally longer shelf may be more suitable.


6.     Cleaning schedule

Depending on how much it gets used (and how strict you are), it’s recommended that you clean your bathroom weekly (think vacuuming) and deeper scrubs maybe once a month. Set a reminder in your phone or diary to keep the routine going and ensure a sparkly clean bathroom through and through.


7.     Organise your cupboards and drawers

If you take the time to organise the items in your cupboards and drawers, then you’ll always know where they are. Use spacers in drawers to easily divide items and avoid them mixing together. Cupboards will generally be used for larger items so they’re a bit easier to organise.


8.     Bottled soap over bars

When it comes to washing your hands in a sink – it’s a lot cleaner (and some may argue easier) to just use bottled liquid soap rather than a bar of soap. Bars can be messy and slippery – unnecessarily leaving soapy stains on the places they rest on.


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